Martha Brooke will be speaking about customer experience management on Oct. 6 at the Service Industry Summit.

Know your gaps. Maximize insights.
Use the right metrics.

With Interaction Metrics, you’ll have the one number you need to track: Quality of Customer Interaction™ Score. QCI™ is more actionable than NPS and other single-input metrics. It accounts for multiple aspects of the customer experience, weighted by what matters most for each customer and their situation.

Other metrics we track include: Customer Effort, Competitive Edge, Customer Persuasion, and Proactive Solutions Scores. Sign up for a free MetricsLAB™ to learn which metrics will be most valuable for you.

Are you serious about customer experience? Would you like to be?

A serious approach prioritizes objectivity, nuance and actionability. And a serious approach provides a Findings Report that combines customer experience metrics with specific recommendations for how to improve. Take the quiz. We’ll get back to you with a couple of ideas for ways to deepen your approach to customer experience.

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