Interaction Metrics is a team of expert Customer Experience Analysts. We improve the customer experience through customer feedback programs, customer service evaluations and customer service skills coaching. Interaction Metrics is an officially certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE).

Our clients come in all sizes and sectors. Uniting them is the fact that they’re serious about customer experience—so they look to us to advance their customer feedback, upgrade their customer service, or both!

We Advance Customer Feedback | Our customer feedback programs capture fresh insights while keeping customers engaged with questions relevant to their experiences. You’ll have a customer satisfaction survey vetted for accuracy, compelling questions, the best metrics (including our QCI™ Score), and complete analyses. Our customer feedback programs can also include simple Touchpoint Surveys and in-depth Customer Interviews.

If you’re already satisfied with your survey, and are simply curious about the value of additional analysis, drop us a line.

And We Transform Customer Service | We rate your customer service performance against your own goals for sales, brand, self-service, and other objectives. Our evaluations enable you to achieve customer service that’s positive for your customers and profitable for you.

Our customer service evaluations can also include workshops, model answers, and customer service skills coaching to help your staff make immediate, positive change.

Interaction Metrics Projects & Programs Give You:

  • Statistically-Valid Sampling
  • Nuanced Metrics
  • Rigorous Protocols
  • Scores Tracked Over Time
  • Objective Facts
  • Analysts’ Recommendations
  • Immersive Dashboards
  • Actionable Findings Reports

In addition to being certified as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE), Interaction Metrics is an individual founding member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA)

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