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Interaction Metrics is a team of expert Customer Experience Analysts. We specialize in unlocking the keys to customer loyalty through actionable customer feedback surveys and rigorous customer service evaluations.

Our clients come in all sizes and sectors. Uniting them is the fact that they’re serious about the customer experience—so they look to us to upgrade their customer service, customer feedback, or both.

Customer Feedback Surveys | Our customer feedback programs stand out because we capture fresh insights while keeping customers engaged with questions relevant to their experiences. You’ll have a survey vetted for accuracy, compelling questions, the best metrics (including our QCI™ Score), and complete analyses.

If you’re already satisfied with your survey, and are simply curious about the value of additional analysis, drop us a line.

Customer Service Evaluations | We rate your customer service performance against your goals for sales, brand, self-service, and a host of other business objectives. Our evaluations enable you to achieve customer service that’s profitable for you and consistently valuable for your customers.

Our customer service evaluations can also include plans, workshops, and experience maps to help your staff make immediate, permanent change.

Interaction Metrics | Our Difference

The usual approach to customer experience measurement is reductive and favors simplistic methods at the expense of accuracy and genuine improvement. We call this “flattening” the customer experience. A flat approach to CX assumes everything and everyone is basically the same. But it’s not. A flat approach assumes satisfaction is enough. It isn’t. And a flat approach assumes customers can simply tell you what will improve the customer experience. They can’t.

By contrast, the Analysts at Interaction Metrics recognize the complex nature of experiences. We provide nuanced customer experience metrics based on multiple inputs. But just like the other guys with their simplistic one-input metrics, we boil everything down to make our findings abundantly clear—we know that what’s most important is getting your team onboard and ready to take action!

Interaction Metrics | Our Approach

Truth 1 | Experiences vary and they’re complex. Experiences vary by customer, touchpoint, and situation. Plus, customers’ expectations are constantly changing as the marketplace evolves. Adding to this complexity, customers can’t tell you what would create an ideal experience because they mostly respond to experiences—they don’t analyze them.

With Interaction Metrics, you’ll have an approach that takes into account this complexity and subtlety—rather than forcing the customer experience into flat, generic categories.

Truth 2 | Satisfaction is not enough. Research shows that simply being “satisfied” does not motivate customers to buy more, or buy more often. (Ask us for the research by Gallup and others.) Because satisfaction isn’t enough, our survey questions dig deeper. And when we evaluate customer service, our entire approach focuses on providing engaging experiences that are more than just “ok.”

Truth 3 | Nuanced measurement is crucial. The point of measurement is to improve, so if you’re measuring the wrong things or measuring in the wrong ways, you won’t be able to see your gaps and opportunities. Traditional customer experience scores like NPS® or ACSI® can be great benchmarks, but they don’t tell you how to improve.

With Interaction Metrics, you’ll have customer experience metrics such as Interaction Branding, Empathy, Customer Effort, Competitive Edge, and Quality of Customer Interaction™ scores. But our scores don’t stand alone. With us, you’ll have Findings Reports and immersive presentations that bring your scores to life with insightful examples.

Interaction Thinking™

Interaction Thinking™ recognizes that customers and companies always affect one another dynamically—and when companies apply a conscious discipline to their interactions, the world becomes a better place.

Give & Get Value Through Each Customer Interaction

Specifically, with Interaction Thinking™, interactions are planned in ways that engage customers while empowering companies to become more profitable. Give and get value through each customer interaction. Practice Interaction Thinking™.

Professional Organizations

Interaction Metrics is a member of numerous professional organizations, including: CHIFOO, American Society for Quality, Customer Experience Professionals Association, and the Business Marketing Association.



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