Customer interviews are similar to focus groups, but better. In focus groups, customers are in an unfamiliar setting and you may not hear from everyone equally. However, with interviews, customers answer questions in the comfort of their car, office, or home. Using relevant, open-ended questions, interviews put your customers at ease and take your customer feedback to the next level.

Interviews pick up where customer surveys leave off and get to the heart of how your customers think about your company and your industry. 

Our Customer Interviews Give You:

  • A way to hear your customers: You’ll have an MP3 of each recorded interview so you know exactly what your customers say and how they say it.
  • A smooth, complete process: We cover all the details for you, from interview invites and scheduling, to post-interview thank you emails.
  • Open-ended adaptable questions: Find out how your customers really think and feel with our customized, flexible interview approach. Like a focus group, we use disarming language and open-ended questions that encourage subjects to share.
  • Unexpected insight: Get nuanced information on things you didn’t even know to ask about! We make customers feel at ease and allow interviews to unfold naturally rather than limit the possible answers. Interviews are one of the few methods for finding out what you didn’t know you didn’t know.
  • Actionable next steps: We quantify and prioritize emergent themes using verbatim analysis.
  • Themed audio: You’ll have carefully curated audio files that reflect emergent themes. We code and analyze each interview so there’s no need for you to slog through each audio file.

Interviews are an outstanding standalone method or can be layered on top of your existing customer surveys, focus groups, or other customer feedback methods. Let’s talk! 

Our uniquely-conversational approach encourages customers to share their stories so you know the specifics of how to improve.

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