Customer Service Challenge

Interaction Metrics' Customer Service Challenge for companies with call centers.

Do you have great customer service? If so, we would like to present your company with our highest A+ customer service rating. We'll even waive our usual customer service evaluation fee.

But first you'll have to put your customer service to the test. That means letting our Customer Experience Analysts evaluate your customer service. If you don’t reach our highest rating, you'll pay our customer service evaluation fee, but you'll come away with:

  • Insights and recommendations to improve your customer service.

  • A statistically valid, meaningful baseline score.

  • Interaction criteria designed specifically for your company.

The A+ Customer Service Standard

No one’s perfect. Even the best customer service associates slip up occasionally. But, companies with great customer service make so few mistakes that 95% of their customer interactions score 95 or above. Are you one of these companies? Let’s find out!

You’ll have a chance to agree to our standards and criteria before your customer service evaluation begins, so it will be crystal clear what we mean by an A+ (95-95) score.

How You’ll be Evaluated

Tell us about any one of your customer service modalities (phone, email or chat) and your primary customer service goal. We’ll evaluate the extent to which you achieve that goal, as well as the following factors:

  • Associate product knowledge

  • Clarity of information

  • Likability and persuasiveness

  • Overall consistency across customer questions

What You’ll Get with Our A+ (95-95) Rating

customer service consultant

We’ll waive our customer service evaluation fee. Plus, you’ll get our A+ Rating that certifies your "customer service has been evaluated by an independent, objective party and received the highest possible rating: 95% of customer service interactions scored 95 or above."

Ask to learn more about the challenge here.

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