Great customer service showcases your unique brand and is effortless for your customers. To get there, you’ll need a customer service evaluation approach that uncovers details. Unfortunately, most approaches skim the surface, failing to show what, when, or how to improve.

customer service evaluations give you persuasion score
customer service evaluations give you detailed element metrics

Drop us a line, and we’ll explain how our approach to customer service evaluation detects the subtle, yet significant, conversations cues that drive customer loyalty.

  • Get Customized Standards: We develop customized Service Standards for your company, to accurately score the quality of your calls, chats, and emails. To arrive at the best standards, we may mystery shop your competitors.
  • Demonstrate Proven Quality: We audit a random sample of interactions at a statistically reliable level. When your interactions score 91 or higher, you get an independent certification from us stating that you offer the highest level of customer service.
  • Get Metrics & See Your Opportunities: Your Findings Report includes customer experience metrics like Customer Effort, Interaction Branding, and Quality of Customer Interaction™ Scores—supported by excerpts from actual customer interactions.
  • Take Action: Because our measurement is precise, we’re able to show you exactly how to improve the customer experience.

If you’re a smaller company, or you’re not sure you need a full customer service evaluation, consider mystery shopping. Our unique, persona-based approach gives you actionable qualitative insight into how your front-line associates perform, and how they can improve.

To learn more about our approach customer service evaluations, get a free MetricsLAB™.

What we call customer service evaluation, you might call: customer service testing, customer service analysis, customer service QA testing, customer service quality assurance, call center monitoring, or contact center monitoring.

Wondering where your customer service could be improved? Learn more about our evaluations.

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