Customer satisfaction surveys are a key source of information about how to improve. But no other tool can uncover nuanced insights like Interaction Metrics’ customer interviews. Our interviews allow you to get the most from your customer satisfaction surveys by honing in on key details and specific ways to improve — so you can go beyond customer satisfaction, and start building customer loyalty.

Our interviews also enable you to hear from customers who don’t normally take surveys, so you get the most accurate customer metrics and representative insights. Drop us a line to ask for our Top 10 Customer Interview Questions.

  • Hear Your Customers: Interviews are recorded so you can hear your customers’ complete thoughts about their experiences with you.
  • Learn How Your Customers Think: Our interviews operate like one-on-one focus groups, but they are conducted over the phone. This allows subjects to feel comfortable and lets them say what’s on their minds without being influenced by what others say.
  • Get Unparalleled Insights: Our uniquely conversational approach encourages customers to share their story, which can reveal important insights about your business—what you do well, and where you can improve.
  • Uncover Unexpected Themes: We allow our customer interviews to unfold naturally rather than limit the possible answers. That means we’re able to explore things you don’t even know that you don’t know!
  • Take Action: You’ll get a Findings Presentation that tells a complete story about what your customers are saying—backed with audio highlights from our customer interviews—motivating your team to take action.

What we call Customer Interviews you might call: voice of the customer studies, customer perception measurement, customer research, shopper insights, or customer feedback.

Augment customer satisfaction surveys with customer interviews

With Interaction Metrics’ customer interviews, you get Engagement Scores, Department Scores, and Theme Prioritization.

Want to learn about actionable customer interviews? Drop us a line.

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