We offer a variety of ways to achieve actionable customer surveys.

Don’t let your customer survey be a sunk cost. Our research methods give you the most accurate, actionable survey data — whether you need a large-scale customer survey, focused interviews, or text analysis of customer comments. We use the best customer metrics to uncover specific problems and solutions, unlike outcome metrics such as NPS® (Net Promoter Score). So start asking the right questions. Find out how your customers really see you, and start improving now.

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With Us, You’ll Have:

Objective Information
With Interaction Metrics as your independent experts, you'll know for sure what's going on between your company and your customers.

Customer Experience Metrics
Track what really matters. Get your QCI™ (Quality of Customer Interaction) Score and other metrics like Customer Effort and Interaction Branding Scores.

Actionable Recommendations
With our next-steps, re-dos, and examples, you'll know exactly what to improve.

You can be confident in our findings because each of our Customer Experience Analysts has passed a series of rigorous tests proving their prowess in CX improvement.