Your customers spend their valuable time taking your survey and answering open-ended questions. Are you listening?

In the same way that customer experiences are varied and complex, customer comments are messy and unpredictable. They can be brief or lengthy, vague or hyper specific. Some comments stay on-topic; others trail off from the question. And of course, customers refer to similar issues in different ways—and within all this complexity lies valuable, game-changing insights. Merely reading customer comments is not enough, because you can’t quantify and report on anything you learn. Text analysis software falls short as well–you run the risk of missing problems you’re not aware of, because it’s limited (even biased) by the words, expressions and facts that you already know to look for.

At Interaction Metrics, our Analysts code a statistically-valid sample of your survey comments. You’ll have real research intelligence, not just simplistic word clouds and algorithms — so you’ll know exactly why customers feel the way they do. When intelligent text analysis is applied to comments, that’s when you start to uncover incredibly valuable, actionable insights into specific ways to improve and build customer loyalty. So connect with us to learn whether our analysis is right for you.

  • Robust Analysis: Our research team uses a scientific comment-coding approach to uncover critical themes and their root causes.
  • Control Risk: We show you which customers you’re at risk of losing.
  • Uncover Opportunities: Your Findings Report provides customer experience metrics supported by your customers’ own words and text excerpts.
  • Take Action: Our text analysis prioritizes your opportunities so you can make the most meaningful changes to improve the customer experience.

Are your survey comments going to waste? Interaction Metrics Text Analysis can help you uncover the most valuable information hidden in your customer comments. Want to learn more about how to use unstructured data to your advantage? Say hello.

Text Analysis

Interaction Metrics text analysis provides Department Scores, Theme Prioritization, and Sentiment Scores.

Want to learn about actionable text analysis? Drop us a line.

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