These days, when everyone’s glued to their mobile devices, there’s no reason not to gather on-site and real-time customer experience metrics. We offer on-the-go touchpoint questionnaires designed for text, smart phones, and all kinds of mobile devices. After all, if your locations are messy or your clerks are foul-mouthed, why wait to find out?

Interaction Metrics touchpoint questionnaires give you the most targeted customer survey data, with the best customer experience metrics. Our metrics consider the fine-grained elements that shape interactions, making them extremely actionable. While customer surveys are a great way to measure these elements, our touchpoint questionnaires gather data on these elements in real-time, ensuring the most accurate results. You’ll learn exactly where and how things are going right or wrong, and the steps to improvement will become abundantly clear. So find out how your touchpoints are shaping customer loyalty, and starting improving now.

With Our Touchpoint Questionnaires You Get:

  • An immersive, multi-media findings report with our customer experience metrics and specific ways to improve your customer experience.

We can get your mobile customer feedback up and running in 4 weeks, say hello!

Use Interaction Metrics' Touchpoint Questionnaires for real-time customer experience metrics

Touchpoint Questionnaires from Interaction Metrics provide metrics like Customer Effort Score, Quality of Interaction Score, and Sentiment Scores. .

What we call touchpoint questionnaires you might call: mobile customer feedback, voice of the customer, cell phone surveys, text message surveys, IVR surveys, on-location surveys, or on-the-spot surveys.

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