Is your customer satisfaction survey good? Really good? Are you engaging your customers and capturing accurate data about what matters most? Generic, tired customer metrics like NPS® and customer satisfaction aren’t enough. To improve your customer survey, your metrics and analysis must be top-notch. Learn more. Say hello.

The Interaction Metrics team has developed a unique 6-step process that improves customer feedback quality immediately. Consider these advantages when designing customer satisfaction surveys:

  • Remove Bias: Our analysts evaluate surveys for flaws such as internal dialogue, double-barreled questions, and sampling errors, using our 19-point survey checklist. Start with a free Survey Mini-Rating.
  • Engage Your Customers: We apply robust branching logic, so that customers are only asked questions relevant to their particular experiences. In effect, each respondent gets a customized survey.
  • Capture Nuanced Facts: Our questions delve into the specifics of how customers feel about your people, products, and services—and how you compare to the competition.
  • Get Unparalleled Insights: Our analysts perform Text Analysis to uncover themes in your customers’ open-ended responses. We can even use one-on-one Customer Interviews to explore topics that come up in the survey.
  • See Your Opportunities: In addition to running statistical tests, we also calculate critical customer experience metrics like Quality of Customer Interaction™, Competitive Edge, and Customer Effort scores.
  • Take Action: You’ll get a Findings Report prioritizing your gaps, opportunities, and next-step recommendations.

Could your survey be better? We can improve just about any customer satisfaction survey. If you’re not sure, get a free Survey Mini-Rating.

If you’re not ready to say hello, go to our Slideshare on how to improve customer feedback here.

Interaction Metrics customer satisfaction surveys

Our smart customer satisfaction surveys provide you with Competitive Edge Scores, Customer Effort Scores,, and Department Scores.

Want to learn about actionable customer satisfaction surveys? Drop us a line.

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