Gallup Research found that more engaged employees have 21% higher productivity, 37% less absenteeism, and 41% fewer quality defects. And yet, according to another 2018 Gallup article, 53% of employees remain in the “not engaged” category.

Are you engaging your employees? Or are they part of that 53%?

Employees want to feel like their work and input matter. That’s why we design and implement employee surveys. Many companies use a combination of our daily, quarterly, and annual surveys. What better way to engage your employees than ensuring their input is valued and heard? Employee feedback matters. Measure it.

Our Employee Surveys Give You:

  • Accurate Unbiased Data: If you want objective feedback from your employees, you need outside implementation. Your employees will get modern, responsive surveys that allow them to give feedback anonymously.
  • Comparative Customer Survey Analyses: We’ll invert your customer survey and ask your employees the same questions as if they were a customer. By comparing customer and employee answers we uncover customer-employee perception gaps.
  • Root Cause Analysis: Our nuanced verbatim analyses show you themes and root causes of why your employees feel the way that they do
  • Good Questions: Get to the bottom of how your employees are feeling about their role and what they would like to see improved
  • Priority List for Improvement: Get a ranked priority list curated from your employees’ feedback of where to focus and what to change.

Daily Pulse Employee Surveys

The daily pulse survey is an automated, once-a-day email that asks employees a single question (drawn from a rotating bank of 5-15 question options). Examples include:

  • What’s challenged you so far today?
  • What was the first thing you did today?

Quarterly Check-In Employee Surveys

The quarterly check-in survey is a short survey, combining 3-4 close-ended questions with 2-3 open-ended questions. Ideally it should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. With the quarterly check-in, we ask questions like:

  • Do you feel like the work you do is important? Y/N
  • What is one thing you wish had happened this quarter that didn’t?
  • How do you feel about your performance? Where would you like to improve?

 Annual Check-Up Employee Surveys

The annual check-up employee survey is quite comprehensive and takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. It includes closed and open questions with robust branching logic that adjusts dynamically as employees answer.

Some great questions we like to ask on the annual check-up include:

  • In what areas could we better serve our clientele?
  • In what areas could you use more coaching?

Another annual check-up option is an inversion survey. We’ll ask your employees customer survey questions as if they were a customer and compare their answers with real customers’. By comparing customer and employee answers we’ll uncover customer-employee perception gaps.

We combine pulse and comprehensive surveys to help you learn the most about your employees and their ideas.

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