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Measure more. Know more. Improve customer service and customer feedback.

Customer satisfaction surveys aren't cut-and-dry. Learn the biggest makes and the best practices.

Customer Feedback

Fix Common Survey Errors
Most customer feedback is riddled with errors that alienate your customers, waste time, and lead to misguided business decisions.
Beyond Surveys: Capturing the Real Customer Experience
There are myriad ways to measure the customer experience besides feedback surveys.
Get a Better Customer Satisfaction Survey
Learn the answers to the most common questions about customer satisfaction surveys.
Concerns about Net Promoter
Net Promoter Score is a very popular customer satisfaction metric, but it’s not without its flaws. Read what the critics have to say about NPS.
NPS: How Reichheld’s Score is Calculated
Learn how to calculate Net Promoter Score, often called the “one number you need to know.”
Satisfaction Survey Biases
How you design your survey impacts the responses you get. Learn the five most common survey biases–and how to avoid them.
Satisfaction Survey Sampling Errors
Most satisfaction surveys suffer from poor customer representation. We discuss how to remedy the two biggest errors in satisfaction survey sampling.
5 Errors Satisfaction Surveys Make
Check out this slideshare to learn the most common problems in customer satisfaction surveys.
Fix Common Survey Errors with a Smart Process
Make your customer feedback smart.

Customer Service

Customer Service+Branding = Added Value
Is your contact center degrading your company’s brand? Learn the importance of interaction branding.
Proactive Customer Service
For less calls and more loyalty, be proactive with your customer service.
“Talk Your Walk” with Branded Customer Service
Learn how to design your customer service to showcase your brand.
One Call Does it All
The best and most efficient customer service solves all problems in one call. Get there with the Proactive Solutions Score.
Friendly Customer Service Is NOT Enough
If you want a strong ROI you must exceed customers’ expectations.
A Cold Night, Hot Soup…and Great Customer Service!
Customer service should add value for you and your customers; it should never just be a cost.
Customer Service Training
When designing or improving a customer service training program, you need to include immersive examples.
5 Steps to Improve Customer Service
Learn about our five step plan for immediate customer service improvement.

Customer Experience

Take Customer Experience Seriously
To improve customer experience, you need an approach that recognizes the complexity of experience.
The Interaction Metrics Difference
A serious approach to customer experience measurement can account for the complexity of experience.
Research-Driven Customer Experience Audits
Get more value from your satisfaction surveys, customer interviews, or customer service monitoring.
Build Value into Every Interaction
To improve customer experience, you must recognize that each and every time you interact with a customer, you have the opportunity to build value.