Build Value

To improve the customer experience, build value into every interaction.

To improve the customer experience, recognize that each and every time you interact with a customer, you have the opportunity to build value.

Great Ways to Build Value:

Choose to Improve the Customer Experience by Building Value:

Every time a customer walks into a store "just browsing," calls your 800 number to place an order, or sends an email asking about your policies, you have three choices: build, waste, or destroy value.

  • Building Value is when you fully engage your customer, strengthen the relationship and deepen your customer's understanding of the goods, services, or solutions you provide.

  • Wasting Value is when your customer gets their order processed or their immediate problem solved, but nothing else is accomplished.

  • Destroying Value is when your customer has a distinctly unpleasant experience. For example, perhaps your customer called to get an appointment with a doctor, but then was put on hold for 5 minutes only to be told "the doctor is no longer accepting new patients; have a good day."

About Each Way to Build Value:

  1. Educate Customers: Do you sell complex products or services? Demonstrate your expertise with recommendations and great explanations.

  2. Cross-Sell More: Are you looking to increase incremental revenue? Offering additional products or services through customer service just makes sense.

  3. Build Customer Advocacy: Do you aim for high re-purchase rates? The best experiences keep customers engaged and buying more.

  4. Lower Risk: Is risk management central to your business plan? The best way to minimize negative reviews and negative publicity is to provide a consistent, helpful customer experience.

  5. Expand Your Brand: Should your brand be more than a slogan? Branded phrases, protocols, and guidelines show customers that your brand is more than an image; it is a set of authentic values.

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