Do you take customer experience seriously?

Find out if you're serious about customer experience. Take the quiz!

We’re the best customer experience agency for companies serious about the customer experience. Serious means having a CX program that prioritizes engagement, objectivity, nuance and actionability. Does your CX program support these qualities? Would you like it to?

Take our short quiz and we’ll get back to you with a few ideas for ways to add depth to your customer experience program. We’ll include options for times to talk, should you wish to discuss our ideas in more detail. Or, if you prefer, just say hello!

  1. Engagement

    Do you seek to deliver engaging customer experiences?

    Does your frontline staff know exactly what you mean by an engaging customer experience?

    Do you have a clear plan for how to achieve an engaging customer experience?

  2. Objectivity

    Is your customer service evaluated with criteria precise enough that different analysts get the same results?

    Does your satisfaction survey produce accurate data—meaning that it has it been checked for biases, a low error rate, and high statistical confidence?

  3. Nuance

    Do you collect data about the customer experience, weighted by what matters most to each customer?

    Are your text and/or voice analytics augmented by human research intelligence?

  4. Actionability

    Do you keep your team focused on specific goals for each touchpoint and customer persona?

    Have you shown your associates model answers for each major type of customer inquiry?

    Do you track your progress over time with specific, actionable metrics?

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