Our approach to journey maps uses in-depth customer interviews to develop an entirely evidence-based picture of the customer experience. With us, you’ll know exactly how customer’s experiences with you unfold, uncovering new touchpoints and learning where there are critical friction points that need to be addressed.

journey maps initial
journey maps evidence-based

Three insights guide our approach to journey maps:

  1. To get buy-in from all levels, including the C-Suite, it’s essential to back up your journey map with evidence. Otherwise, things devolve quickly into conjecture, second-guessing, and disagreement.
  2. Quantifying emergent themes clarifies priorities. Using our verbatim analysis coding technique, we quantify the qualitative insights your customers share and prioritize your opportunities so you can make meaningful changes to the customer journey.
  3. An actionable map is nuanced and precise. It recognizes the multiplicity of customer experience, i.e. varying verticals, particular titles… each interacting with different touchpoints, in different ways, with different outcomes.

If you need a journey map that accurately depicts the customer experience and informs action, we can help. Say hello!

What we call journey maps, you might call: customer journey mapping, or customer experience plans.

Interested in our approach to journey maps? Say hello!

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