Are your customer service QA standards accurate? Do they measure what matters most to your customers? Do they reflect your own corporate objectives? Interaction Metrics' standards make customer service evaluation meaningful and objective. Drop us a line to learn more.

  • Set the Right Bar: No more generic checklists! Our scoring rules are customized to your touchpoints and customers. We set standards for each type of customer interaction based on your specific objectives to increase loyalty, improve conversion, support your brand, or anything else.
  • Measure with Precision: With clear, well-defined expectations, our scoring rules rate how well associates perform relative to your particular objectives. Plus, we test our rules for their objectivity, ensuring different scorers get the same results.
  • Weigh Variables Accurately: Different situations and different customers require different responses. Our weighting systems take the variability of interactions into account. This gives you a truly accurate picture of your customer service quality.
  • Certify Your Team: We teach your quality assurance staff to use our standards. Then we put your team's scoring skills to the test! We certify each team member who achieves a score of 85% or greater.
  • Take Action: With Interaction Metrics' Customer Service QA Standards, you get definitions, examples, weighting, and scoring rules. We use these for our customer service evaluations and mystery shops—and your internal QA team can use them too.

The best customer service evaluation is based on precise, well-vetted standards. Drop us a line to learn more! Or, check out our presentation on proactive customer service that builds customer loyalty.

Use Interaction Metrics' QA standards for a better customer service evaluation

Our Customer Service QA Standards testing provides you with QA Accuracy (Before and After Testing) .

Learn more about using QA Standards for a better customer service evaluations. Drop us a line.

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