Do your associates need more proactive customer service skills, but you’re not ready for a full evaluation? Do you need fresh strategies to build brand or customer loyalty? Perhaps your associates just need a refresher. For many clients, our customer service skills workshops are the ideal place to begin.

We offer group workshops, one-on-one sessions, on-site meetings, and online webinars. Typically our customer service skills workshops are 4 hours in length, but we always customize to your needs and schedule.

So start building proactive customer service skills. Learn about some of our most popular workshops:

Achieving Customer Service Mastery

This workshop focuses on key strategies for building greater trust with customers, and turning around situations with unhappy customers.

We teach the “yes/and” technique which is the cornerstone of all great conversations, and we include role-plays to build confidence using the technique. Other customer service areas covered include the principles of persuasion (for friendlier interactions) and the 10 laws of customer experience — plus, how to make them work for you. To ensure we address your specific customer service challenges, we’ll hold a discovery session with you beforehand. In addition, we offer the option of conducting persona-based mystery shops prior to the workshop, enabling us to provide the most immersive customer service skills training.

Quality Assurance That Gets Results

For your QA team and project managers, this workshop provides customer service evaluation standards customized to your company’s objectives. We cover each quality assurance standard with scoring rules and examples to clarify exactly how an optimized QA system works. We calibrate with your team until all scores are within 10% of each other and conclude with a proven process for giving feedback to frontline associates in ways that spark positive change!

Model Answers For Branded Service

For your training team as well as associates and managers, this workshop shows how to optimize your most critical customer interactions. Prior to this workshop, we preview your 20 most common types of questions, or reasons for interacting with customer service. Then, we isolate 5-10 core areas to focus on and show examples of before-and-after answers. Participants are encouraged to engage with customers’ questions and talk about how different answers make them feel. Together, we brainstorm model answers that reflect well on your brand while forging strong relationships with your customers.

Learn more about how Interaction Metrics Model Answers can help you improve customer service. Get a free MetricsLAB™ to see how Model Answers and other approaches enable you to give and get more value from each customer interaction. Or, check out our presentation to learn more about proactive customer service.

Interaction Metrics' customer service skills training

Our skills coaching is the most comprehensive way to build loyalty and brand through customer service.

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