Your customers spend their valuable time taking your survey and answering open-ended questions. Are you listening?

The greatest insights come from listening to what customers say and analyzing their verbatim comments. But you need a coding system. Simply reading comments doesn’t do anything because reading won’t give you a way to quantify themes. Software analytics are a start, but software can only code problems that you already know to look for.

At Interaction Metrics, our Analysts code a statistically-valid sample of customer verbatims. You’ll have real research intelligence, not simplistic word clouds—so you’ll know why customers feel the way they do, what their expectations are and what they prioritize.

verbatim analysis overview
verbatim analysis details

With our approach to customer verbatims you get:

  • Robust Analysis: Our research team uses  scientific comment-coding to uncover critical themes and root causes.
  • A Way to Control Risk: We show you which customers you’re at risk of losing.
  • Metrics: Your Findings Report includes Department, Theme and Sentiment Scores supported by your customers’ own words.
  • Action: Our Verbatim Analysis prioritizes your opportunities so you can make profitable changes to improve the customer experience.

Are your customer satisfaction survey comments going to waste? Interaction Metrics Verbatim Analysis uncovers invaluable insights. Want to learn more about how to get the most value from your customers’ verbatims? We’d love to share highlights from our process and examples of our deliverables. Say hello.

What we call verbatim analysis, you might call: text analysis, text mining, sentiment analysis, or word clouds.

Learn more about our unique Verbatim Analysis. Say hello!

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