Interaction Metrics is a team of expert Customer Experience Analysts. We improve the customer experience by applying Advanced Customer Listening to customer feedback programs and customer service evaluations.

Our innovation is to take customer surveys and other listening methods to a breakthrough level with radical customization, actionable metrics and interactive dashboards. With our approach, you’ll see the details of your gaps, friction points and missed opportunities. However, despite our advanced methods, you’ll find our fees are in the middle of the market.

Interaction Metrics was founded by Martha Brooke in 2004, and she continues to oversee client programs. Interaction Metrics is a member of various professional organizations such as ASQ and CXPA, and is an officially certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE).

Our clients come in all sizes and sectors. What unites our clients is they see that most Voice of the Customer approaches are inadequate—so they look to us to advance their customer listening through projects and ongoing programs.

Methods we offer include: customer interviews, comprehensive surveys, short touchpoint surveys, mystery shopping, customer service evaluations and more. In all cases we intake data, code it, analyze it, and turn data into insights with dashboards and findings reports.

With Interaction Metrics You’ll Have:

  • Statistically-Valid Sampling
  • Nuanced Metrics
  • Rigorous Protocols
  • Scores Tracked Over Time
  • Objective Facts
  • Analysts’ Recommendations
  • Immersive Dashboards
  • Actionable Findings Reports

With our Advanced Customer Listening, you'll find out where you have missed opportunities and how to improve.

Present and Past Clients Include:

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