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Want to Improve the Patient Experience? Stop Sending Bad Surveys

In the United States, healthcare is a $3.5 trillion a year market and employs 1 in 8 Americans. For a market with huge impact and under tremendous scrutiny, you would expect medical organizations to take an interested, data-driven approach to measuring the patient experience (PX).

In other words, you would expect their patient surveys to be relevant, well-written, and to the point.

You would also expect doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals to use multiple methods to gather a full range of insights about the quality of the patient experience.

From what I observe, when it comes to measuring the patient experience, good survey design is rare. And using mixed methods to uncover insights is rarer still.


Here Are the 5 Standards of Excellent Customer Listening

In the last decade I’ve seen and run a lot of Customer Listening programs. Here’s the one thing I know for sure: good Customer Listening always meets the same 5 standards. Meeting these standards achieves dependable, high-insight data. Failing to meet these standards often steers companies off course.


Interactive Data is the Future, Here’s Why

Measuring the customer experience is crucial, but visualizing that measurement with interactive data is equally important. Here’s why: dynamic data motivates teams to take action and facilitates collaboration across departments. Without productive next steps there is no customer experience improvement, much less customer experience transformation. So, whether you use customer surveys, mystery shopping, or customer service evaluations to measure the customer experience, interactive data are what you need.


Want Feedback? Make It So Simple a Kid Could Do It

I like taking customer surveys and do so nearly every time I have useful feedback to share. Perhaps it’s because I’m in the survey business. Or perhaps it’s because I like to feel “heard” as a customer.Either way, I’m a sucker for a survey.I usually buy my groceries at Whole Foods or Safeway. After some recent shopping experiences, I wanted to provide  feedback. Serendipitously, my receipts from both stores asked the same question: “How was your shopping experience?” And they both provided URLs for my feedback, so I logged in.


How to Use a Research Mindset to Avoid Huge Survey Blunders

Listening to your customers is smart—as long as you ask thoughtful questions that elicit useful insights. Unfortunately, when it comes to customer surveys, too many companies go through the motions, conducting customer surveys just to say they did it. That’s a big, BIG blunder. To avoid this, customer experience teams need to establish clear goals and put on their research hats. This means tackling customer experience with a research mindset.


Answering NPR: Why 5-Star Rating Systems Don’t Work

For anyone who hasn’t used a ridesharing app, once you’ve arrived at your destination, the app asks you to rate your driver between 1 and 5 stars. These ratings are said to provide valuable information, but if customers aren’t sharing what they really think what’s the point?


How to Invite the Most Honest Customer Feedback

Do you have time for a survey? Can you give us some feedback?  Tell me how I did!

We are all too familiar with customer feedback requests as they bombard us from every side: email signatures, website pop-ups, phone queues (“press 1 after this call to …”), even the grocery gal circles a survey she’d like us to take at the bottom of the receipt.


6 Steps to Improve Your Customer Satisfaction Surveys

I will be moderating conversations about Voice of Customer next week at the Operations Summit. It got me thinking, it’s practically a given that every company will issue a customer satisfaction survey as part of their Voice of Customer program. But it’s NOT a given that every customer survey will improve customer satisfaction and improve […]


Voice of the Customer: It’s NOT About You!

Why Use a Customer Survey? What’s the point of doing a customer feedback survey? Well, rather obviously, to gauge how customers perceive you, and where their expectations are being—and not being—met. This requires walking in the customer’s shoes and designing your survey from the customer’s perspective. Sound simple? It is…sort of. Unfortunately, organizations run a […]


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