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Interactive Data is the Future, Here’s Why

Measuring the customer experience is crucial, but visualizing that measurement with interactive data is equally important. Here’s why: dynamic data motivates teams to take action and facilitates collaboration across departments. Without productive next steps there is no customer experience improvement, much less customer experience transformation. So, whether you use customer surveys, mystery shopping, or customer service evaluations to measure the customer experience, interactive data are what you need.


6 Steps to Improve Your Customer Satisfaction Surveys

I will be moderating conversations about Voice of Customer next week at the Operations Summit. It got me thinking, it’s practically a given that every company will issue a customer satisfaction survey as part of their Voice of Customer program. But it’s NOT a given that every customer survey will improve customer satisfaction and improve […]


Voice of the Customer: It’s NOT About You!

Why Use a Customer Survey? What’s the point of doing a customer feedback survey? Well, rather obviously, to gauge how customers perceive you, and where their expectations are being—and not being—met. This requires walking in the customer’s shoes and designing your survey from the customer’s perspective. Sound simple? It is…sort of. Unfortunately, organizations run a […]


GUEST POST: Customer Experience Measurement: Why it is Vitally Important but Badly Done! – by Ian Golding

Today I’m pleased to share a guest post by Ian Golding. Ian drives home the critical point that customer experience metrics are essential to transforming experiences. It’s always great to share ideas about how improve customer service from like-minded thinkers. When it comes to the profession that Customer Experience has now become, one of the […]


A Really BIG Customer Satisfaction Survey No-No

What Happened? Our company recently began working with a website optimization service. As the introductory phone call drew to a close, our new account manager asked me to take a customer satisfaction survey—and told me, “That’s how I get paid.” This was useless, awkward, and inappropriate. It showed that what I had to say didn’t […]


Are You Benchmarking OR Innovating?

Benchmarking Benchmarking has a history of helping businesses compete in global markets. But these days, many companies are missing out on the opportunity to innovate due to an over-reliance on benchmarked metrics. The practice of benchmarking was born in the 1950’s with companies like GE and Toyota. Then, what was in vogue was a process […]


Genius Tips to Improve Your Customer Survey

An Analyst Perspective on Customer Surveys Customer surveys make up a multi-billion dollar industry, and many of us get at least one per day. But just because surveys are everywhere doesn’t mean they’re always good. At Interaction Metrics, we often see companies that assume they’re ready to launch their customer survey as soon as they’ve opened […]


What You’ll Never Get from NPS (Or Any Other Outcome Metric)

Every company has its own take on customer experience—what are your goals? Perhaps you’re looking to stage the customer experience to strengthen customer loyalty and retention. Or, maybe you need more proactive customer service to increase First Call Resolution (FCR). Sometimes, customer surveys paint a rosy picture, but your sales numbers tell a different story—and […]


Unstructured Data Defined

What Is Unstructured Data? Unstructured data is customer verbatim comments from survey text, service calls, emails, chats, reviews, and other narrative sources of information. If used correctly, it presents a goldmine of insights. Often, however, some companies are so stumped by this data that they just toss it and hope no gold nuggets were lost. […]


Want to Fix Your Touchpoints? Lose NPS.

Last week I spoke at the Society for Service Executives Symposium in Chicago. As always, when the primary topic is customer satisfaction, there was a lot of talk about NPS (Net Promoter Score). As I have often said, it’s a tired customer survey question—and that’s just one of its shortcomings. Another issue, as Lori Bocklund […]


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