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With the current health crisis and staggering societal change, we want to do our part to help you understand what’s going on with your employees. That’s why we’ve developed COVID-19 Employee Surveys giving you objective answers to questions like these:

  • How safe do employees feel?
  • What could help employees be more productive when remote?

Our pricing, protocols, and process will get you going with a COVID-19 Employee Survey within one day. And we’ll send your survey using a guaranteed, anonymous protocol. Our process includes a Discovery Consultation to ensure the questions we ask are relevant and actionable for you. 

Survey Design

  • Start with our list of 35 neutral employee questions vetted to eliminate bias and get to the heart of the matter.
  • We’ll recommend logic gating to keep your survey relevant to each employee.
  • We build out your employee survey with sliders, rating questions, emoticons, and other visual aids.

A Sample Employee Survey

Implementation Includes

  • The URL link for your survey
  • Content for email invites
  • Reminder schedule with reminder emails
  • Data downloads set for the schedule you choose
  • Reporting portal that works in real-time
  • A double-blind anonymous protocol that helps employees share their candid thoughts

Are you currently using a DIY survey or holding informal focus groups?  Important decisions deserve concrete, scientific facts about how your employees are doing. With our employee surveys, you’ll have objective data you can build your business strategies on.

Sample Portal

Could your organization benefit from deploying a COVID-19 Employee Survey? Begin with a Personalized Demo. If our approach could be right for you, we’ll follow that up with a 30-minute Survey Consult in which we’ll recommend survey questions based on your priorities.

Impress your stakeholders not only with your due diligence but with a new perspective on survey strategy. It starts with a Demo here

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Employee Surveys show how COVID-19 is impacting your organization!