An often-cited statistic is that 80% of CEOs believe they deliver a superior customer experience, yet only 8% of their customers agree. With an equally-alarming ACSI score of 77, it’s fair to wonder: are you sure you know what’s going on with your CX—is it possible you’re missing something?
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Customer feedback surveys are great because they can be objective and easy to implement. But they only capture the tiniest slice of the actual customer experience, especially when it comes to the experiences customers have with contact centers.CallMiner_Blog_Image_2

According to CallMiner, companies may have 45 times more phone calls than survey responses per year. So companies have a lot more call data than customer feedback data—and these calls are the raw, unfiltered reality of customer experience.

However, unlike customer feedback responses, calls are complex—they involve myriad customer personas, situations, and subconscious cues. Call recording, monitoring, and speech analytics, such as those provided by CallMiner, allow you to capture this rich data.

So what do you do with all this data? Well, from the perspective of a research-driven customer experience agency, you segment, mine, and find within the data exacting ways to boost contact center performance. Register for the webinar to learn how research layers on top of data to uncover key insights and opportunities. Here are a few points about a research-driven approach to contact data that I’ll touch upon:

• The difference between all data versus representative samples—and how sampling facilitates accurate analysis.
• The value of customer experience metrics like Contact Branding, Persuasion, and QCI™ Scores.
• How Contact Branding can help you get more value from associates, software, and everything else you have in place.

At Interaction Metrics, we see that customer experience is complex. If you fail to acknowledge that complexity, you fail to capture the heart and soul of customer experience. To learn about an approach to CX that accounts for—rather than flattens—CX complexity, check out our Slideshare, “Take CX Seriously.” It’s been viewed nearly 5,000 times since we uploaded it last month.

Or, kick back with our video about a serious approach to CX here.

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