Genius Tips to Improve Your Customer Survey

by Martha Brooke | July 22, 2016

An often-cited statistic is that 80% of CEOs believe they deliver a superior customer experience, yet only 8% of their customers agree. With an equally-alarming ACSI score of 77, it’s fair to wonder: are you sure you know what’s going on with your CX—is it possible you’re missing something?
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An Analyst Perspective on Customer Surveys

Customer surveys make up a multi-billion dollar industry, and many of us get at least one per day. But just because surveys are everywhere doesn’t mean they’re always good.

At Interaction Metrics, we often see companies that assume they’re ready to launch their customer survey as soon as they’ve opened a SurveyMonkey account and pieced together a few questions.

However, once we show them what their survey could be, they quickly see that a grab-and-go approach isn’t best.

The problem is that customer surveys are easily plagued with biases and other flaws. This creates data that’s inaccurate or doesn’t uncover the drivers of customer loyalty.

3 Genius Tips to Improve Your Customer Survey

 Tip 1

Discuss which touchpoints your survey should address, and how to design an accurate (statistically-valid) methodology.

Tip 2

Stand back and take a multi-perspectival view of your survey. Look at your customer survey from many angles:

  • The customer’s perspective—is it easy to take?
  • An operations perspective—does it uncover actionable insights?
  • The marketplace—how does your survey compare with the competition?
  • Your CEO—will your survey engage them with the voice of the customer?

Tip 3

Brainstorm how to augment your customer survey with other measurement methods. Social media research, customer interviews, and touchpoint questionnaires are all great ways to supplement your survey. Customer interviews are particularly valuable because they capture the true voice of the customer and highlight the nuances of specific customer situations.

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