Our surveys are designed for action!

Our consulting simplifies the survey process for you with our sophisticated software and research team. Strengthen your customer relationships today with actionable data you can use. Our Customer Satisfaction Surveys take 3 steps.

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Too many surveys are generic and non-specific.

With our research-driven consulting, your survey goals are front and center. For example, in this survey, our client is focused on gauging follow-through. What would you like to learn from your customers? What are your goals?

Usually, Surveys are Riddled with Problems:

  • No progress bar makes it makes it feel like it takes forever!
  • Requires questions that may not be applicable to everyone.
  • There’s no 0 on the rating scale.
  • Persists in asking similar questions, feels like a waste of time.
  • Leads and prompts with phrases like “It’s easy…”

With Us, Your Surveys could sdfsdfs

  • point 1
  • point 2
  • point 3

We Achieve Top Response Rates

Survey Secret…

The quality of the email invite significantly impacts response rate.

That’s why we:

  • Incorporate persuasion principles into email invites.
  • Include options to embed the first question in the email.
  • Provide goodwill actions like Priority Codes, Gift Cards, and Charity Donations

Developing a Quality Customer Satisfaction Survey with us Takes Just Three Steps

Maybe you have an existing survey that is sorely in need of strategy. Maybe you are looking for a full-process survey solution. Maybe you have no idea what you need. We’ll help you figure out the best solution for your company!

If you’re sick of biased survey questions and unactionable survey data, fill out our contact form so we can give you a call.

1. Learn your options: See examples of survey formats and strategies to understand your company’s needs.
2. Review your survey: We refine and customize your survey questions and embed CRM software data. Once you’re completely satisfied, we launch the survey.
3. Glean insights: Monitor your survey results live with our data dashboards and portals and share actionable insights with your team.

Elevate Succes! You’ll Have:

relevant, actionable questions, Correlations showing your satisfaction drivers and High survey response rates

Other Benefits Include:

  • Logic gating that personalizes each survey
  • Text Analysis uncovering themes and visualizations
  • Embedded CRM data for a better survey experience
  • Objective, engaging survey questions
  • Methods to remove biases and other flaws

Step 1

Discover Your Options

See examples of survey questions, formats, and strategies. Find what’s best for you.


Step 2

Review Your Survey

We customize your survey and embed CRM data. When you love it, we press go.

Step 3

Impress Your Boss

Monitor your portal. Share insights and actions with your team!




We optimize your questions, question formats, and logic gating.


Solutions are customized to your needs.

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Tracking Studies

You'll have a survey that tracks your progress and areas to improve.


Solutions are customized to your needs.

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Stay on top of performance with targeted analysis, KPIs, and dashboards.


Solutions are customized to your needs.

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"We continue to be impressed by the quality and clarity of Interaction Metrics' Findings Reports and surveys. "

Dennis Fitzgerald, Vice President Customer Satisfaction, Yaskawa America

Analyst Raven Susu-Mago explains survey consulting solutions!

Length: 90 seconds

  • First problem, copycat surveys
  • The value of customizing your survey
  • Second problem, survey biases
  • Example of removing bias
  • Interactive dashboards show how to improve

Get a Free Consulting Session ➔

Your session will be with Martha Brooke, CCXP & Six Sigma Black Belt

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Our Customer Satisfaction Surveys | Your Benefits:

  • Relevant questions for more insight
  • Root cause analysis to see your opportunities
  • High survey response for better data
  • Logic gating personalizes each customer satisfaction survey
  • Text Analysis uncovers customers’ unmet needs
  • Embedded CRM data leads to specific action items
  • Objectively-written surveys improve accuracy

You’ll have plenty of options!

Need an end-to-end survey solution? Great! You’ll love our survey consulting programs.

Already have survey software but need a customer survey consultant to provide the strategy? We do that too. Consulting projects can be a Mini-Project or monthly analysis. Consider the following areas critical to the success of your customer survey. Then decide what you need.
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With a mini-project, we optimize your customer feedback questions, analytics, and other aspects of your customer satisfaction survey.
If you’re committed to doing a DIY survey, mini projects are a great way to go. In addition, with survey platforms like Medallia, our mini projects enable you to get more value from what you have in place.
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Customer Satisfaction Surveys | 8 areas to consider:

1. Operations Data

Would you benefit from embedding ticket numbers, associate names, and product information into your surveys? For teams like tech support, help desk, and consumer affairs, powerful analysis relies on combining CRM and operations data with customer satisfaction scores. With our software stack, incorporating different types of data is a breeze.

2. Response Rates

When customers’ inboxes are overflowing with surveys, achieving a good response rate requires strategy and expertise! We have you covered with proven email messaging, embedded gift codes, and other techniques that maximize response and completion rates.

3. Relevance

Not every customer should see every question. In fact, if you want to appreciate your customers’ time, customers should only see questions pertinent to them. We use dynamic logic to personalize each survey to the user and to ensure customers only answer questions pertinent to their experiences.

4. Survey Reminders

The last thing you want is to bombard your customers with surveys. That’s why we optimize your customer satisfaction survey reminders and put in place protocols for suppression lists, data cleaning, and more. 

5. Customer Feedback Outside of the Survey

Sometimes customers are willing to give feedback but they don’t have the time to take your survey. That’s why we provide a way to give feedback outside of the survey. Most companies don’t provide this option. Read about common survey flaws here. 

6. Analysis

With a Customer Satisfaction Survey, it’s not just about capturing data, it’s about analyzing that data as well. With us you’ll have Text Analysis, correlation analysis, and more.

7. Dashboards

How will you visualize your data? With our dashboards, you’re able to interact with your data and see how different variables affect your scores.

8. Science

Does your team have the objectivity to ensure good science? We vet your questions for neutrality and add business rules to ensure representative samples.

Set on a DIY approach? Read our tips on how to ace your DIY Customer Satisfaction Survey!