Is your customer survey good? Really good? Are you engaging your customers and capturing accurate data about what matters most?

Generic, tired customer metrics like Net Promoter Score and customer satisfaction aren’t enough. To improve your survey, your metrics and analysis must be top-notch. It doesn’t mean we won’t use some of these legacy metrics, it just means we’ll judiciously add to them.

Perhaps you don’t need a comprehensive customer survey, but just a touchpoint survey to capture targeted data about a particular aspect of the customer experience, for instance tech support, product delivery or product sizing. 

customer satisfaction surveys metrics competitive edge
customer satisfaction surveys metrics competitive edge

Either way, with us you’ll have:

  • Accurate Data: Our analysts evaluate surveys for flaws such as internal dialogue, double-barreled questions, and sampling errors, using our 19-point survey checklist.
  • Customer Engagement: We apply robust branching logic, so that customers are only asked questions relevant to their particular experiences. In effect, each respondent gets a customized survey.
  • Nuanced Facts: Our questions delve into the specifics of how customers feel about your people, products, and services—and how you compare to the competition.
  • Unparalleled Insights: Our analysts perform Verbatim Analysis to uncover themes in your customers’ open-ended responses. We can even use one-on-one Customer Interviews to more robustly explore topics that emerge in the survey, and to develop actionable Journey Maps.
  • Dashboard & Findings Report: You’ll get critical customer experience metrics, like QCI™, Competitive Edge, Customer Effort, that prioritize your gaps, opportunities, and next steps.

Could your customer survey be better? We can improve just about any customer survey—drop us a line and we’ll improve one of your survey questions for free. Or, head to our Slideshare on how to improve customer feedback.

What we call customer satisfactions surveys, you might call: customer surveys, customer feedback surveys, customer feedback, net promoter survey, nps scores, or voice-of-the-customer.


Interaction Metrics analysts design and manage top-notch satisfaction surveys resulting in clear actionable steps.

Powerful Dashboard Displays

Easily interact with your data and use it to your advantage.

Our interactive dashboard gives you total control. You'll have access to a continuous stream of real-time data and metrics, presented in an easy-to-read console format.

With this dashboard, you'll have the tools you need right at your fingertips:

  • Easily see vital real-time metrics at a glance
  • Monitor and compare performance scores over periods of time
  • Keep tabs on problematic categories to make improvements
  • Hear the true voice of the customer with responsive filtering and smart data

Go ahead and see for yourself by interacting with the dashboard. Change the filters on the left to see how the data varies by input such as type of customer, month, etc.

We'd love to show you what we can do. Reach out for a free consult today.

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