You’ve likely already spent thousands on social media, SEO, and advertising—just to make your phone ring. But, if your frontline staff isn’t having the best conversations with prospects, your marketing investment is being wasted.

Converting callers into consults depends on creating positive, memorable experiences that support your practice’s unique brand. While management often thinks everything is fine, research proves* customers are rarely amazed by their interactions with frontline staff.

Our customer service evaluation program improves the conversations your staff has with prospective patients. This matters because the best conversations increase conversion, boost staff morale, and leave each caller with a positive impression of your practice.

We keep our fees low and base them on the number of staff we evaluate. Let’s talk so we can give you a quote. Keep in mind that, even if your staff changes, our program will remain in place—so future employees will benefit too.

Our Deliverables:

Audio recordings of each call scored.
Documentation of each email scored.
customer experience metrics A Findings Report with customer experience metrics and commentary from a Customer Experience Analyst regarding each interaction’s strengths and weaknesses.
Staff training webinar Training webinar for your staff including director’s cut narration.
Competitor benchmark scores Competitor benchmark scoring.


Your Advantages:

An Expert, Independent Perspective means your staff are measured against the best practices in your industry.

Actionable Findings Reports provide customer experience metrics that show exactly what needs to change. Based on what we find, we include tips and tricks that show staff exactly how to support your sales and brand objectives.

A Certified Platinum Level of Customer Service is awarded when you score 91 or higher. Put this certification on your marketing materials to show you’re committed to customer service and the reputation of your practice.


Martha Brooke is an expert on Patient Experience. Her topics include:

? 6 Steps for Truly Actionable Patient Feedback

? Reinforce Your Practice’s Brand—Brand Your Customer Service

*Contact us to request research.