Customer service—whether that’s in-person or calls, emails, and chats—is the face of your brand and company. So what customer service metrics are you using to manage your performance? You can’t manage what you don’t measure—customer service included.


Are your metrics precise enough to show you what changes to make? Do they measure what matters most to your customers? And do they actually reflect your own corporate objectives?

Net Promoter Score and C-SAT metrics gleaned from customer feedback can be useful indicators but they lack specificity. They don’t show you where you have gaps, or what to improve. That’s why at Interaction Metrics, we’ve developed customer service metrics that are meaningful, objective, and actionable—they drive improvement. Our customer service metrics include: Proactive Solutions, Persuasion, and Customer Effort Scores.

With our customer service metrics, you get:

  • Scoring Rules: No more generic QA checklists! To be truly actionable, customer service metrics should be based on scoring rules that account for the fact that different situations and different customers require different responses. This gives you an accurate and actionable picture of your true customer service quality. Specific scoring rules are at the heart of our mystery shopping and customer service evaluations.
  • Workshops & Certifications:  We teach your quality assurance staff to measure using our scoring rules. Then we put your team’s scoring skills to the test! We certify each team member who achieves a score of 85% or greater.
  • Ongoing Collaboration: We work with you to make sure the scoring rules are applied correctly—holding weekly check-ins to ensure scoring is consistent and accurate.

To learn more about our customer service metrics, get started with a free MetricsLAB™.

What we call customer service metrics, you might call: customer service QA standards, customer service guidelines, how to measure customer service, call center monitoring, or contact center monitoring.

Learn more about our customer service metrics. Drop us a line.

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