Do your associates need to enhance their customer service skills? Do you need fresh strategies to strengthen customer relationships and increase customer loyalty? Don’t leave the quality of your customer service up to chance—get associates started on the path to success with our customer service skills coaching.

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We offer group workshops, one-on-one sessions, on-site meetings, and online webinars. Our workshops generally run from 60 minutes to a half day in length, and we always customize to your needs and schedule.

We will typically measure the quality of your customer service (either with a customer service evaluation or mystery shopping) to get a baseline, and to pinpoint gaps and opportunities before we begin coaching. This allows us to fully customize the program to your specific situation and needs. While our customer service skills coaching is customized, it often involves 2 workshops:

Workshop 1 | The Laws of Customer Experience & How We Score CX Interactions

  • We look at the laws of customer experience, each one framed in light of the interactions you need to improve.
  • We explain the QCI™ model behind our scoring method, giving your associates a way to evaluate their own customer service interactions.
  • We dive deep into how each element of the interaction is scored, sharing immersive audio examples of good and bad interactions.
  • Self-Assessment: Associates work in small groups and are asked to write down the conversations and customers they find most challenging.

Workshop 2 | Model Answers with Role Play

  • We work with associates to brainstorm the best approach to situations they indicated are most frustrating
  • Associates critique recorded conversations and/or we role play interactions as the group applies the scoring rules and talks through why they would assign certain scores.

Another approach to customer service skills coaching is simply writing model answers that show associates exactly what you are looking for in how they handle each specific scenario.

Whether you want our full customer service skills coaching or just need model answers, say hello— we’ll discuss the most effective ways to improve your customer service.

What we call customer service skills coaching, you might call: customer service training, customer service QA, call center training or contact center training.


Martha Brooke leads Group Workshops and Customer Service Skills Coaching sessions to help others understand the value of customer listening in order to improve the customer experience.

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