Sometimes after we conduct a customer service evaluation or mystery shopping, you may need a workshop or two to get your associates’ customer service skills on the right track. If so, we can help! Your customer service probably impacts your sales revenue—it certainly impacts how customers perceive your brand. This means improving customer service skills is a sound investment in the growth of your company.

Ask Yourself

  • Are your associates doing everything they can to build positive customer relationships and increase loyalty?
  • Do your associates provide a customer experience with intention? Or, do experiences just sort of happen?

About Our Workshops

To improve customer service skills, we offer group workshops, 1-on-1 sessions, on-site, face-to-face meetings, and virtual webinars. Our workshops run from 60 minutes to half a day depending on your needs.

In most cases, prior to a workshop getting underway, we measure the quality of your customer service with a customer service evaluation or mystery shopping. Next, we pinpoint associate gaps and opportunities–and show you the content we recommend.

We get ‘buy-in’ from associates and our skills-coaching stands apart because our workshops always feature real-life examples of customer interactions. Motivational lectures have their place but they don’t actually change behavior. With our workshops, associates deliver a better, more compelling customer experience. We can even do before and after customer surveys to prove it!

Our Top Two Workshops

We always customize our curriculum to your objectives, but the following two workshops are often a good place to start.

Workshop 1 | Best Practices and Scoring Covers:

  • The principles of customer experience, each principle tailored to your particular types of interactions. (emails, chats, calls, etc.)
  • How to score and QA customer service. This helps associates evaluate their own customer service interactions.
  • Immersive audio and other examples of good and bad customer service.
  • Self-Assessment: We ask associates to consider the customer conversations they find most challenging.

Workshop 2 | Interactive Exercises Covers:

  • Brainstorming with associates about how to handle their most frustrating situations and customers.
  • Co-critiquing interactions and role playing to set new standards for customer interactions.
  • Sharing examples of optimal interactions (i.e. model answers).
  • Discussing word choice, pacing, and other important cues.

Another Approach: Model Answers Only

Another approach to customer service skills coaching focuses only on model answers. These examples show associates exactly how to handle specific scenarios and customer personas. Sometimes, simply seeing the best answers is enough to improve customer service skills. In addition, if you have a customer service training team, this is often the best way to go.

Want to find out more about our customer service skills coaching or model answers? Let’s talk!

Your customer service probably impacts your sales revenue—it certainly impacts how customers perceive your brand. That's why, dollar for dollar, improving customer service skills is one of the best investments you can make!

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