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More than price or product features, customers often remember their interactions with your support team the most. This makes the immediate feedback from a customer service survey critical to your success. You’ll know how you’re doing with calls, emails, and chats in real-time.

A customer service survey is different from an NPS or Satisfaction Survey because it asks about associates’ expertise, courteousness, resolution, and other elements specific to the customer service experience.

Plus, a customer service survey is unique in that it tells you which customers have outstanding issues and who needs a callback. A dashboard shows your team where to focus, what to escalate, etc.

A Super Simple Customer Service Survey

Wondering if your NPS Survey or Customer Satisfaction Survey can answer questions about customer service? Probably not. With Net Promoter, you’ll find customers recommend you based on a host of factors, not just their recent customer service experience. And ‘satisfaction’ is similarly broad and best for tracking your company as a whole over time.

 Service Surveys: What we Offer

  • Surveys customized to your business goals
  • Embedded operations data to so we can connect scores to case numbers, associates, products, and virtually any other aspect of your operation
  • Analysis and questions weighted by what matters most to your customers
  • A Closed-loop system to flag and address unresolved issues
  • Integrations that connect customer feedback directly to CRM, Slack, Enterprise Messaging, and Data Visualization Tools
  • Verbatim comments analysis with themes quantified in rank-order priority
  • Customer Service Dashboard
  • Monthly Findings’ Report with recommendations
  • Content for email invites
  • Reminder schedule with reminder emails
  • Data downloads set for the schedule you choose

    Customer Service Survey Fees

    • Free: After your free personalized demo, we’ll send you a link to schedule a second virtual meeting, this one, a 55-minute Customer Service Consult, which is also free. With our consult, based on your objectives, you’ll get recommendations for which methods are best for measuring customer service and what kinds of questions work best in a customer service survey.
    • $250/month: Designs a short survey, gives you a survey link that you can use in email, on your website, etc. and provides your data with a portal where you can see your survey results in real-time.
    • $350/month: All the above, but your survey can be any length.
    • Options: Sentiment Analysis, a Closed-Loop Dashboard system, Operations Data built into your Survey, Correlation Studies, Tracking Studies, Personalized Email Campaigns… there are lots of options.
      But here’s the thing: we’ll never recommend more than you need, and we’ll only recommend options that have a strong business case behind them.

        Customer Service: More than Surveys

        Giving you a complete view of your customer-to-associate interactions, sometimes, a customer service survey works hand in hand with a customer service evaluation. While a survey tells you how customers perceive you, a customer service evaluation shows how you stack up against your own sales and brand goals – not an aspect of the experience that customers can rate or comment on.

        With Customer Service Evaluations, we often find lots of small things that have an outsize impact. And depending on what we see with your customer service, we offer coaching and partner with consulting companies to help your associates deliver best-in-class customer service, service that’s compelling and profitable.  

        Bottom line: when it comes to customer service, it starts with a survey, but robust measurement and improvement can include a lot more.

        Begin with a Personalized Demo. If our approach could be right for you, we’ll follow that up with a 55-minute Survey Consult. Impress your stakeholders not only with your due diligence but with a new perspective on survey strategy.  It starts with a Demo here.

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