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Do your customer experience methods fully capture the subtlety and complexity of what’s going on between your company and customers?

To find out, join “Experience Realized”, a lightning-fast 20-minute webinar. You’ll hear from Martha Brooke, founder of Interaction Metrics. She explores the properties of customer experience and a variety of customer listening methods you can use. While surveys are de facto, they’re not the only way!

Martha makes each session unique. She puts a survey that hit her inbox in the past week under the microscope. It’s an entertaining and provocative way for you to get more discerning in your customer listening. You’ll learn how an expert finds biases and other flaws and how to correct those mistakes. Martha randomly selects the survey, so if it’s perfect, she details exactly what makes it a standout success!


  • Learn the four properties of customer experience to guide your listening program
  • Explore which methods are best for which CX objectives and the benefits of using hybrid-methodologies
  • Understand common biases and other listening flaws
  • Watch an expert evaluates a current survey

Next Opening:
June 28, 2019 | 10:30 PST/1:30 EST

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Each session is unique and includes a short, survey workshop!