Think Simple. Not Simplistic.

Empathy Score, Proactivity Score, Brand Score…your industry and objectives guide which metrics we use.

However, in our Findings Reports and Dashboards you’ll often see QCI™ Score. QCI™ stands for Quality of Customer Interaction.

Like net promoter score, QCI™ Score is simple in that it gives you one metric to track over time. But unlike net promoter score, QCI™ accounts for multiple elements of the customer experience—weighted by what matters most to each customer and their situation. We segment QCI™ by persona, factor, and element so you can see your gaps and know specifically how to improve.

How QCI™ Benefits You

By recognizing multiple inputs, our metrics enable root-cause analysis. However, by keeping things simple, it’s easy to keep track of your key focal areas.

Other Metrics We Use 

  • Customer Effort Score
  • Persuasion Score
  • Competitive Edge Score
  • Efficiency Score
  • Information Score
  • Department Scores
  • Other Scores Customized to Your Objectives

When You Reach Your Goal

We track most of our scores on a 100-point scale—and for many clients, 91 is the goal because beyond that and they’ve reached the point of diminishing returns. 91 is what we aim for but even an overall score of 85 is well done and gets a trophy!

Awards are based on scores maintained over the course of a year and they’re a small way to stop and show your stakeholders that you’re committed to providing exceptional customer experiences.

Awards and Tiers

Interaction Metrics’ Awards are based on either a statistical analysis of your customer calls, emails, and chats OR on data we’ve collected using customer satisfaction surveys.

Gold Tier: Recognizes an overall QCI™ Score between 85-91, demonstrating a strong commitment to delivering a superior customer experience.

Platinum Tier: Recognizes a QCI™ Score of at least 91, proving that you consistently provide an extraordinary customer experience.

Dashboards Track Your Success

We monitor most programs using Power Bi Dashboards. One of the main advantages of our dashboards you can filter the data on the fly giving you instant insight into how your teams are performing. Learn more about our dashboards and what they can do for you.

Simple, accurate, and actionable metrics, with awards for achieving goals!