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Improve the customer experience with actionable customer feedback and great customer service.

Customer satisfaction surveys aren't cut-and-dry. Learn the biggest makes and the best practices.

Get Actionable Customer Feedback

WATCH: Fix Survey Errors
Learn how to fix common survey problems—problems that alienate customers and result in junk data.

VIEW: 5 Errors Surveys Make
Avoid biases and other flaws in your customer satisfaction surveys.

READ: 6-Step Process for Surveys
Learn about a 6 step process that results in great customer satisfaction surveys.

READ: Improve Your Survey
Upgrade your customer satisfaction survey. Find out how customers actually feel.

Achieve Great Customer Service

VIEW: Proactive Customer Service
Learn how to be more proactive with customer service, so you have less calls and greater customer loyalty.

READ: Branded Customer Service
Learn the importance of branding your customer service interactions, and how to do it.

READ: One Call Does it All
Learn how to make your customer service more efficient, effective, and proactive.

READ: “Friendly Is NOT Enough”
Increase your ROI on customer service programs with robust customer service evaluations.

Improve the Customer Experience

WATCH: Take CX Seriously
Learn about a perspective that adds value to your Net Promoter Score.

WATCH: The I/M Difference
Our approach to improving customer experience recognizes the complexity of experience.

VIEW: Research-Driven CX Audits
Get more value from your customer service.

VIEW: The Right Approach to CX
To improve customer experience, you must recognize complexity, and measure what matters.