Customer Service Training

To improve, you need examples.

If you’re setting up a customer service training program or improving the one you have in place, where do you begin?

Many companies begin with goals and soft skills and miss what is most important: showing customer service associates exactly how to translate company objectives into compelling customer service moments.

In contrast, the most productive customer service training covers big picture objectives and soft skills, but focuses on concrete examples and tools. How many examples you need depends on how complex your customer support is. For a simple customer support environment, 25 examples may be enough. For complex, technical customer support, you could need a library of hundreds of examples, scripts and templates for your associates to use.

When you fail to provide adequate examples and scripts, you entrust your lowest-paid workers with the extremely important job of figuring out how to communicate your brand through their customer interactions. While some of your reps may make great choices, the fact is, many will unknowingly tarnish your brand.

So, what’s the best way to provide customer service examples?

  • For associates who deliver customer service in-person, use short video clips.
  • For associates who deliver customer service through a call center, provide response templates and talk points.

Keep in mind that you probably have a range of customer personalities and needs, all of whom require a slightly different approach and tailor your examples accordingly. Associates should not treat a rushed, pushy businessman the same way they treat a confused and shy customer. Your interactions with customers will benefit when your associates have examples of how to best interact with key customer personas.

Of course, this is not to say that improvisation is out. In fact, improvisation is a critical element of good customer service, but the best improvisation works because guidelines and examples are clearly communicated in advance. The best customer service strikes a balance between planned and improvised behavior.

Does an example-based customer service training program take time to assemble? You bet it does. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

At Interaction Metrics, we deliver top-notch training tools, including email templates and call scripts. All of our deliverables are designed to improve customer service as efficiently as possible.

Get a demo to learn more about our customer service solutions, or get started now with a free Mini-Audit.

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