Could Your Customer Service be Improved? Do Your Associates:

  • Inspire customer loyalty?
  • Build proactive customer relationships?
  • Deliver the customer experience you intend?

Sometimes, you already know your associates need to improve their customer service. Other times, it’s only obvious after we mystery shop, do a customer service evaluation, or conduct a satisfaction survey.

Common approaches companies use to improve customer service include speech analytics, motivational team building, and soft-skills training. But for customer service to be truly compelling, you need more. You need specific standards, examples, and concrete tools. That’s where our workshops come in.

Using examples from associates’ actual interactions, we pinpoint gaps and lost opportunities. Then, we re-work and walk through each example. The result? Associates learn how to:

  • Create peak experiential moments to improve customer service
  • Closeout their interactions on an uptick
  • Communicate effectively with a wide range of customers
  • Communicate effectively in a broad range of situations
  • Use customer service to demonstrate your brand

Workshop Formats:

Group workshops, 1-on-1 sessions, and virtual webinars are our usual formats. However, we customize our workshops to you, so many options are possible.

Content Covered:

Whether it’s a 55-minute workshop for 200, or a 3-hour coaching session for just a few, we always start by establishing a foundation that ties the principles of how to improve customer service to specific examples. From there, we share ideal interactions (Model Answers) and conclude with at least one interactive exercise.

Part 1: Establish the Foundation

  • Learn the 4 key factors common to all customer service.
  • Explore how the factors are weighted based on different personas and situations.
  • Find out the basics of scoring and improving customer service.
  • Get immersed in examples of good and bad customer service.
  • Discuss the types of interactions associates find most challenging.

Part 2: Model Answers

  • Prior to our workshops, we’ve analyzed how associates answer customers’ questions. Then we conduct a director’s cut on select calls, emails, and chats to pinpoint wins and missed opportunities.
  • Where your customer service needs to be improved, we develop new, better answers and explanations. (We’ve written guides containing hundreds of re-dos and model answers—and we have yet to find content that is too complex or arcane for model answers.)
  • Model Answers are more than scripted responses. They show your associates what great customer service looks like in specific customer situations.
  • With the standards set, associates can improvise and develop their own unique responses while staying true to your brand objectives.
  • Because Model Answers re-work the details of specific scenarios, they are the tool that most dramatically improves customer service.

Part 3: Interactive Exercises

  • Exercises start with co-critiquing interactions to raise the bar on customer service.
  • We brainstorm ways to incorporate the Model Answers into customer service.
  • We tie the Model Answers back to the principles through role-playing, unpacking word choice, and exploring pacing and other cues.

The quality of your customer service probably impacts your sales—it certainly impacts how customers perceive your brand. That’s why improving customer service is one of the best investments you can make!

Give your associates detailed examples that set the standard for a new, better experience. Ready to improve your customer service? Learn more!

Improve customer service and ignite the customer experience!