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At Interaction Metrics, we’re passionate about customer feedback programs and so we’d love to evaluate your customer survey for free. And free is free; there is no obligation of any kind.

If your survey is short, we’ll evaluate all of it. If it’s long, we’ll examine a section, either way you’ll gain  an independent perspective on your survey.

Our analysts examine your survey for biases, and they consider its ability to give you actionable facts.

If surveys are not your primary customer listening method but contact center monitoring is, tell us about your brand goals and provide one call, email, or chat. We’ll summarize any gaps we find.

You’ll get a 1-page report, and the chance to know the quality of our work first-hand! Just fill out the form below. We’ll send you a link so that we can get your free mini-evaluation underway. Typically, you’ll get your results in under one week.

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