For many companies, it’s your associates that shape how customers perceive your brand. That’s why it’s important to measure the quality of your customer service. Mystery shopping is one way to do that. We listen to your customers by simulating their experiences. With our persona-driven approach, we’ll not only measure your customer service, we’ll give you concrete, actionable steps to improve! Let’s talk.

Mystery Shopping with Us Gives You:

  • Actionable Metrics: Get expertly-scored mystery shops using precise customer service metrics. We’ll show you exactly how you can demonstrate the unique qualities of your brand and improve your customer service.
  •  Insight: Find out how your associates perform. We can even mystery shop your competitors to show how you compare!
  • New Opportunities: Find out exactly where you have gaps in the customer experience supported by excerpts from interactions. We give you a comprehensive Findings Report with customer experience metrics like QCI™ and Persuasion Scores.
  • Clear Findings Reports: You’ll have critical customer experience metrics, like QCI™, Competitive Edge, and Customer Effort in a format that prioritizes your gaps, opportunities, and next steps.

Powerful Dashboard Displays

Go ahead and try out the dashboard below. Change the filters on the left to see how the data varies on the right. Let’s talk!

Our personna-based mystery shopping is the smart, fast way to find your gaps and opportunities.

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