Regardless of how much you spend on advertising, for many companies it’s your associates that shape how customers perceive your company. If you’re not quite ready for a full customer service evaluation, one way to start improving customer service with minimal investment is through our email, chat, phone, and in-person mystery shops.

Unlike mystery shopping agencies that just provide a simplistic—and often times subjective—documentation, we’re an agency that offers comprehensive mystery shop solutions:

  • Have Actionable Metrics: Unlike most companies, Interaction Metrics mystery shops are scored by an expert analyst using precise customer service metrics.
  • Walk in Your Customers’ Shoes: We provide complete documentation of our mystery shops. We can even mystery shop your competitors, to show how you compare.
  • See Your Opportunities: Your comprehensive Findings Report provides customer experience metrics like QCI™ and Persuasion Scores, and shows exactly where you have gaps in the customer experience, supported by excerpts from our mystery shop interactions.
  • Know Multiple Perspectives: Because our mystery shops use personas, you’ll see how your associates handle different customer personalities.
  • Take Action: We show how you can empathize with customers and demonstrate the unique qualities of your brand—all of which will improve your customer service.

Work with a quality mystery shop agency to improve customer service efficiently. Learn more about our metrics with a free MetricsLAB™.

What we call mystery shopping, you might call: secret shopping, customer service evaluation, customer service testing, customer service analysis, or ways to improve customer service.

With Interaction Metrics Mystery Shopping, we measure interactions and show you how those interactions unfold. It's the smart and fast way to find your gaps and opportunities.

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