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With at least two-thirds of Fortune 1000 companies using an NPS Survey, and millions of smaller companies using NPS too, the chances are, you’ve either read about Net Promoter or are doing an NPS Survey.

Where our NPS Surveys Start:

  • Just 2 survey questions
  • Easy and quick for respondents to take

Getting More Value

But if you’re wondering, ‘how can I get more value from Net Promoter’ then you’ve come to the right place.

To be clear, the classic NPS Survey asks, “How likely are you to recommend Company 123 to a friend or colleague?” and then follows that with an open-ended question. You calculate your NPS Survey score by subtracting Detractors (those answering 0-6) from Promoters (those answering 9-10). This gives you a metric that’s easy to calculate and understand. But then what? While you have a number, you don’t know what to improve or for whom. To reap value, you need a strategy.

NPS Survey Strategy

The difference between an NPS Survey and a Net Promoter Strategy is that a strategy gives you a program that’s equal parts cost-effective, scientific, and closes the loop with each customer. Instead of simply a number, you’ll have insight with next-step actions.

To arrive at the right strategy for you, we start by asking: What are you trying to learn, and who are your audiences? Depending on your objectives and your customers, we may recommend question tweaks.

For example, if your product or service is not particularly social, the question of recommending is probably out of sync. If your audience is mainly distributors who get paid to recommend your company, the question needs to be changed up so that you don’t get inflated scores.

And sometimes we recommend holding the NPS Survey question to a more objective standard, so we ask: “Have you recommended Company123 to a friend or colleague?” (as opposed to how likely are you to recommend…)

Also, there’s the metric to consider. Because Net Promoter treats a 0 rating the same as a 6, we may need to add granularity to the calculation to sharpen insights.

But it’s not just the rating question we consider. We also customize the follow-up question(s) and determine how your verbatim comments should be analyzed.

Sure, there are stock open-ended questions (e.g., ‘why did you give that rating?’ or ‘how could we improve’). But for actionable data, your open-ended question(s) should be germane both to your company as well as the rating the customer assigned.

With an Interaction Metrics NPS Survey Strategy, you’ll have as much customization as your survey needs, including variants for different audiences. You’ll also have survey analysis that covers the verbatim comments and a portal or a dashboard so you see your survey results in real-time. Continue reading or start with a 25-minute personalized demo

A Complete NPS Survey Strategy Provides

  • NPS surveys customized to meet your customers and their situations
  • Integrations that connect your Net Promoter feedback directly to CRM, Slack, Enterprise Messaging, and Data Visualization Tools
  • Verbatim comments analysis with themes quantified in rank-order priority
  • Net Promoter Dashboard
  • Project management with monthly Findings Report
  • The URL link (with as much operations data as you’d like embedded) for your website, emails, and other outlets for collecting data
  • Content for email invites
  • Reminder schedule with reminder emails
  • Data downloads set for the schedule you choose

NPS Survey Strategy Fees

  • Free: After your free personalized demo, we’ll send you a link to schedule a second virtual meeting, this one, a 55-minute NPS consult, which is also free. With our consult, you’ll get recommendations for how to use Net Promoter tailored to your objectives.
  • $200/month:  Designs your NPS Survey, gives you a survey link that you can use in email, on your website, etc. and provides your data with a portal where you can see your survey results in real-time.
  • Options: Sentiment Analysis, a Closed-Loop Dashboard system, Operations Data built into your NPS Surveys, Correlation Studies, Tracking Studies, Personalized Email Campaigns… there are lots of options.
    But here’s the thing: we’ll never recommend more than you need, and we’ll only recommend options that have a strong business case behind them. 

Begin with a Personalized Demo. If our approach could be right for you, we’ll follow that up with a 55-minute Survey Consult. Impress your stakeholders not only with your due diligence but with a new perspective on survey strategy.  It starts with a Demo here.

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