Achieving a high survey response rate is not just a ‘nice to,’ it’s a ‘need to.’ Here’s why:  in most cases, the more data you have, the more representative your data is. Representative data is data you can count on. It meets the standards of science. It’s objective, replicable, and captures facts about what’s really going on.

The problem is most of your customers get requests to take surveys daily. Frankly, they’re bored with everyone’s surveys, including yours.  Survey fatigue is real.

How Will You Increase Survey Response Rate

Embedding priority and gift codes into your survey is the single best way to increase survey response rate. With our approach, your customers get their gift codes in the survey and then they’re emailed their gift so they’re reminded through their inbox too.

Try Out this Simple Example

    Aside from increasing survey response rate, our Gift Surveys reward your customers for their effort while expressing a heartfelt ‘thank you for their opinions.’ A simple, honest thank-you always increases goodwill and often increases customer retention too!

    Worried about gift codes skewing your data? Done correctly, they won’t. The right kind of thank you shows customers that you’re listening and interested in everything they have to say, the good, the bad, and the ugly. We call it being ‘appropriately disarming,’ and the result is you have data that reflects an honest, comprehensive view of your company.

    Customers who feel listened to tell you what they care about most. These insights show you how to improve the customer experience and forge better customer relationships.

    Gifts that Increase Survey Response Rate

    • Charities: Present a selection of charities that align with your brand; the customer chooses which organization they want to support.
    • Priority Support: Offer a priority code so that the next time the customer needs customer service, they are moved to the front of the line.
    • Gift Certificates: Give gift certificates to Starbucks, Amazon, or similarly popular companies.

    Could you benefit from increasing your survey response rate? Let’s talk about integrating gifts in ways that support your brand and survey goals.

    Survey Fees

    • Free: After your free personalized demo, we’ll send you a link to schedule a second virtual meeting, this one, a 55-minute Survey Consult, which is also free. With our consult, you’ll get recommendations for how to increase survey response rate based on your objectives.
    • $295/month: Designs a short survey, gives you a survey link with embedded gift codes that you can use in email, on your website, etc. and provides your data with a portal where you can see your survey results in real-time.
    • $395/month: All the above but your survey with embedded gift codes can be any length.
    • Options: Sentiment Analysis, a Closed-Loop Dashboard system, Operations Data built into your Survey, Correlation Studies, Tracking Studies, Personalized Email Campaigns… there are lots of options.
      But here’s the thing: we’ll never recommend more than you need, and we’ll only recommend options that have a strong business case behind them.

    Begin with a Personalized Demo. If our approach could be right for you, we’ll follow that up with a 55-minute Survey Consult. Impress your stakeholders not only with your due diligence but with a new perspective on survey strategy. It starts with a Demo here.