Get 5 Best Practices to Boost Your Customer Listening

Increasing your survey response rate is not just a ‘nice to’, it’s a ‘need to’. More data means you’re likely to have representative data which in turn enables you to craft successful customer strategies.

How We Increase Your Survey Response Rate:

  • Present a selection of charities that align with your brand; the customer chooses which cause they want to support.
  • Offer a priority code so that the next time the customer seeks customer service, they will be moved to the front of the line.
  • Integrate small gift certificates, usually these would be for Starbucks, Amazon or a similarly popular company.

    Implementation Covers:

      • Providing the URL link and sending the survey or adding it to your website
      • Content for email invites
      • Reminder schedule with reminder emails
      • Data downloads set for the schedule you choose

    Could your organization benefit from increasing your survey response rate? Let’s talk about integrating gifts in ways that support your brand and goals.

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      Increase Your Survey Response Rate with an Integrated Gift Approach