Unstructured Data: Mining the Gold

Unstructured data presents a goldmine of information, but mining that gold is no easy task—it requires coding with detailed text analysis. To be clear, unstructured data includes customer survey text comments, customer service calls, emails, chats, reviews, and other narrative sources of information.  It’s the data that doesn’t fall into neat, easy categories—so the signal […]


Fix Common Survey Errors with a Smart Process

Is your customer satisfaction survey good? Really good? Customer satisfaction surveys are a multi-billion dollar industry. Unfortunately, most customer feedback is riddled with errors. From sampling issues to poorly worded questions, the state of customer feedback is weak. It’s especially unfortunate because, with a clear process in place, survey errors are entirely preventable. Watch our […]


Your Survey (Probably) Sucks: 5 Survey Errors

We’ve written a lot about customer satisfaction survey errors, but, time and again, we see the same mistakes crop up. There are a lot of errors surveys make, but these are 5 of the worst. Check out our latest Slideshare about this topic and read on, because these are the kinds of errors that alienate […]


3 Things You’ll Miss With SurveyMonkey’s New App

Last month, SurveyMonkey launched their iOS mobile app, backed by Google Capital. CEO Dave Goldberg promises a “smarter, agile, and ultimately more productive workforce.” This app strengthens customer feedback programs by allowing faster responses to customer situations. However, it reinforces the idea that customer feedback is just about watching the numbers. Certainly, numbers are important, […]


Unstructured Data is a Gold Mine. How Good is Your Mining Strategy?

“Unstructured data,” i.e., data that cannot be captured via yes/no categories or multiple-choice formats, is all the rage with customer experience improvement experts. Customer comments, chats with customer service, phone conversations—these are all great examples of unstructured data. What makes unstructured data so incredibly valuable is that it’s a window into customers’ thoughts. Whereas structured […]


Improve Customer Service | The Proven Plan

5 Steps That Will Improve Customer Service: Decide what you will add. To impact loyalty and sales, satisfaction isn’t enough. Catalogue your interactions completely. Customers are different. The bane of customer service is sameness thinking. Define your evaluation criteria precisely. You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Report your results frequently. Ongoing feedback—it’s key to […]


Unstructured Data Needs an Unstructured Approach

We heard a great webinar from Bruce Tempkin at CXPA yesterday about how to gain customer insights from unstructured data.  Bruce addressed the cavernous disconnect between limited, multiple-choice responses and the reality of complex customer thoughts and feelings. Here’s what we would add: when dealing with unstructured data (call recordings, free-form response cards, social media posts, etc.), it’s essential […]


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