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With satisfaction surveys, the greatest insight comes from customers’ verbatim transcripts. And so of course verbatim analysis should be built into your survey process. But many companies don’t have the time or scientific expertise to put verbatim analysis in place; do you? 

Simply reading verbatims isn’t helpful because it doesn’t quantify themes.

And while AI-driven text analytics may be part of your solution, text analytics are only efficient with large, consistent data sets. And even with text analytics you still need research intelligence to establish classifications and monitor the results.

With our Verbatim Analysis, you’ll have data-driven metrics and charts showing WHY your customers think the way they do. And you’ll have easy-to-understand reports that classify customers’ perceptions in rank order priority.  Want to see an example of our Verbatims Reports? Get a demo!


  • Metrics
    Have Findings Reports that highlight department, theme, and other metrics.

  • Actionable Data
    Know which changes will improve the customer experience most profitably.

  • Red Alerts
    Get alerted whenever a customer signals in their verbatim that something critically unfortunate happened and they need one of your staff to reach out.
  • AI-Enabled for the Right Data Sets
    We’ll demonstrate how far AI can take your verbatims. If an AI-driven approach is in your best interests, that’s what we’ll do. 

  • Robust Discovery
    Lean how our analyses can take you far beyond the simple word cloud here.

Verbatim Analysis

“Interaction Metrics enriched the value of our data by providing great insight.”

Melissa Prew, Customer Experience Manager, Konica Minolta

Interaction Metrics

Melissa Prew, Customer Experience Manager, Konica Minolta

“Interaction Metrics enriched the value of our data by providing great insight.”
Interaction Metrics

It’s often said that ‘the gold is in the verbatims’. Yet, all too often, verbatims are merely captured with a word cloud or a few remarks.

Let’s discuss your customer surveys and what you are currently doing with your verbatims’ transcripts. We can cover a lot of territory in 10-25 minutes, set a time to learn more!

Why ask for comments if you don't analyze & measure what customers say?