Sometimes it’s necessary to break your NPS routine. The NPS question is regularly used in customer feedback surveys. Nearly everyone has seen it: How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend?

What Does It Tell You?

This question assumes that customers think in terms of their likelihood to recommend companies—but all too often, it’s not realistic, and it’s not how people think.

For instance, say a traveler rents a car. Recommending that car rental company to a friend later on—unless something truly extraordinary happened—just isn’t something most people would do. Furthermore, if a customer has already seen a question many times before, they’re unlikely to engage with the question and give it its due. They may even find your customer feedback survey annoying.

If you want powerful insights, don’t use generic stock questions that your customers have seen countless times before. The problem with “me too” questions is that they come across as if you don’t really care and you’re not really listening.

What Customer Feedback Questions Should Do

They should be engaging, dynamic, and thoughtful. They should invite your customers to voice their true feelings. For example:

• “What would have made your experience better?”
• “What words come to mind when you think of our company?”
• “Who do you see as our main competitor? What do they do better?”

These questions recognize the contextual nature of experiences, and that your company doesn’t exist in a vacuum. In this way, they are more intellectually honest and therefore encourage customers to pause, think, and give honest answers.

Another way to break the NPS® routine is to apply adaptive logic so that your survey uncovers who the customer is, their situation, and the specific touchpoints they interacted with. We recognize that your customer survey can and should add value for both you and your customers. Repetitive “me-too” surveys are out. Personalized, relevant interactions are in. Break your usual customer feedback routine. Give value and you’ll get value. Dare to interact. Show your customers you care.

Let’s talk. We’ll tell you if the Net Promoter question is right for you.

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