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What’s your Text Analysis Plan?

The greatest insight comes from customers’ verbatim comments in surveys, chats, and interviews. The problem is, ordinary Text Analysis favors over-simplified sentiment, only telling you if your customers feel positive, neutral, or negative. With our Text Analysis, we combine software with research for the best results. You’ll know how your customers feel, but more importantly, you’ll know how they think. You’ll see emergent themes and know how to improve.

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Interaction Metrics enriched the value of our data by providing great insight

Melissa Prew, Customer Experience Manager, Konica Minolta

Why ask for comments if you don't analyze what customers say? Benefits of our Text Analysis:

  • Root cause Text Analysis shows how customers feel and think
  • Correlation studies of themes explain your NPS survey scores
  • Red-alert system identifies unhappy customers for immediate action
  • Action plans clarify your priorities
  • Metrics enable you to track progress over time
  • AI text analytics become smarter and more nuanced
  • Charts and graphs visualize customers’ subjective states
  • Insight and an objective approach replace word clouds

Memberships and Certifications

Customer Experience Professionals Association (TM) Founding Member
Certified Customer Experience Professional
Continuous performance improvement black belt certification


Wondering whether Text Analysis is right for you? We'll take a statistically-valid sample so you can see the value on a smaller data set.


You'll have metrics with a complete report and presentation covering your entire verbatims database.

Real-Time Programs

You're able to log in any time and see emergent themes, red alerts and take action. Monthly meetings review themes and other insights.

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