Why ask for comments if you don't analyze what customers say?

Surveys, chats, and interviews... the greatest insight comes from customers’ verbatims. But only if you have research-driven consulting for text mining to extract the meaning in the comments. With our scientific Text Analysis consulting, you’ll know in detail how to grow customer loyalty.


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Text Analysis Consulting: Turn your customer comments into data you can use!

See emergent themes and sentiment categorized in a live Customer Experience Dashboard. You’ll know why customers feel and think the way they do, and what steps to take next.

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Takes a statistically-valid sample of your open-ended survey question responses and analyzes them.

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Provides nuanced metrics and detailed findings based on an entire corpus of open-ended comments.


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Gives you a live dashboard showing customer themes as they emerge in real time.


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Analyst Raven Susu-Mago explains Text Analysis Consulting

Length: Under 2 minutes

  • The value of open-ended survey questions
  • The problem with merely reading the comments
  • Our Text Analysis advantages
  • Client Example
  • Interactive Live Dashboard

Get a Quick Read: The 5 Things You Need for the Best Text Analysis ➔

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The Value of Text Analysis

While rating questions give you scores, customers’ responses to open-ended survey questions do the heavy lifting. Comments get to the heart of the customer experience, often revealing issues you didn’t even know to ask about—and showing what to improve and for whom.

The best way to extract meaning from your customer feedback is with text mining that uses research coding. Coding is the process of categorizing and organizing qualitative data to uncover themes and the relationships among them. Having experienced researchers who know how to delineate subtleties, interpret comments accurately, and tag the data is key.

Text Analysis Consulting Benefits:

  • Red-alerts identify customers that need immediate action
  • Metrics show your progress in real time
  • Multilingual translation takes cultural nuance into account
  • AI text analytics becomes smarter and more specific
  • Instead of a staff member reading comments, you have an objective approach
  • Proven protocols build trust with stakeholders

Our Text Analysis Consulting Eliminates Subjectivity

A team of analysts work together to test and build a coding framework. The framework is used to classify comments by their emotional tones and conceptual attributes.

For Text Analysis, a team is essential because when multiple analysts examine the data independently and arrive at the same conclusions, you have a replicable system in which subjectivity has been removed. Ensuring objectivity fulfills a critical pillar of science and makes for sound customer feedback research.

You Deserve More than Word Clouds

Some companies turn to word clouds because they are a default chart for survey platforms. But word clouds are not objective; they don’t find the story in the data and they don’t show what actions to take. You deserve more than word clouds and that’s where our Text Analysis consulting comes in.

Text Analysis: 3 Ways it’s Used

  1. Improve AI Text Analytics:  If you are using AI to decipher the meaning in your customers’ comments, it’s critical to have research analysts code against your AI. This not only improves your AI, it measures the extent to which AI is getting to the heart of what customers say.
  1. Survey Insights: If you have a survey and want a deeper understanding of why customers are rating you the way they do, Text Analysis is an essential addition. Read more about how to improve your open-ended survey questions here.
  2. Outside of Surveys: The open-ended comments in surveys may be the most obvious text you’re collecting but customer reviews, interviews, and social media are all sources of text that’s worthy of analysis!

Read more about our Text Analysis process here.

Might Text Analysis add value to your survey?

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