Gallup Research found that more engaged employees have 21% higher productivity and 37% less absenteeism. But do you know whether your customers feel engaged? The best way to know is to ask them—and that’s where employee surveys come in!

Employee surveys can be done daily, quarterly, or annually. Pick what’s right for you! 


  • Accurate Unbiased Data
     You’ll have objective feedback and your employees will have modern, responsive surveys that allow them to give their feedback anonymously.

  • Comparative Customer Survey Analyses
    We’ll invert your customer survey and ask your employees the same questions as if they were a customer. By comparing customer and employee answers we identify blind spots and measure gaps.

  • Root Cause Analysis
    Our nuanced Verbatim Analyses shows you the root causes driving why your employees feel the way that they do.

  • Compelling Questions
    Get to the bottom of how your employees feel about their role and what they would like to see improved

  • Priority List for Improvement
    You’ll have a ranked priority list curated from your employees’ feedback showing what they think needs to be improved.

“We use Employee Surveys by Interaction Metrics to measure gaps between how our employees think we’re performing and how our customers say we’re actually doing. Where our employees have blind spots we take action. Because of this, we’ve improved the customer experience year over year!”

Don McNair, Senior Director Customer Interaction Center
Yaskawa America


Don McNair, Senior Director Customer Interaction Center
Yaskawa America


Employee Survey Options:

  • Daily Pulse Surveys
    The daily pulse survey is an automated, once-a-day email that asks employees 1 or 2 questions, and those questions may vary by day. Examples include:
    • What’s been most challenging so far today?
    • What was the first thing you did today?

  • Quarterly Check-In Surveys
    The quarterly check-in survey is a short survey, combining a few rating questions with 1-3 open-ended questions. With the Quarterly Employee Survey, we ask questions like:

    • Do you feel like the work you do is important? 
    • What is one thing you wish had happened this quarter that didn’t?
    • How do you feel about your performance? Where would you like to improve?
    • Annual Check-Up: Comprehensive Employee Surveys
      The annual check-up employee survey is comprehensive and takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. It includes closed and open questions with robust branching logic that adjusts dynamically as employees provide their answers.

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