Get 5 Best Practices to Boost Your Customer Listening

What are the most common questions clients have about their customer experience?

    • How can we increase our Net Promoter Score?
    • How can we beat our competition on customer experience?
    • How can we get more value from our customer service, tech support, and other customer interfacing teams?


    What makes Interaction Metrics different? What’s your innovation?

    The usual ways of measuring the customer experience are based on simplistic renderings of customer satisfaction and customer service. But “simplistic” doesn’t tell you how to improve.. Our objective methods capture the nuances of the customer experience and translate those nuances into detailed next steps.

    I keep seeing this QCI™ Score. What’s that?

    QCI™ stands for Quality of Customer Interaction, and it tracks the entire, lived customer experience with one number. QCI™ reflects every aspect of your company that customers interact with, weighted by how important those aspects are to each customer. We’ve seen companies start with QCI™ scores as low as 14 and as high as 88 (on a 100-point scale).

    If I ignore the customer experience, is it really going to hurt me?

    Yes, not only are you losing opportunities to impress your customers, but you’re also increasing the risk of poor reviews, and customers bad-mouthing you.

    How will your customer service evaluations benefit me?

    Our Customer Service Evaluations track your gaps, friction points, and missed opportunities – and show you how to improve. On average, an Interaction Metrics Customer Service Evaluation pinpoints 19 areas that are either under-performing or that are not demonstrating your brand in the best possible light. Moreover, you’ll have statistically valid metrics and reliable facts that you can share with your team and stakeholders.

    What could you add to our in-house customer satisfaction survey program?

    • Questions vetted for neutrality, objectivity, and nuance
    • Optimal response and completion rates
    • The option to embed operations data and priority codes
    • Dynamic logic gating and other actions that reduce survey fatigue
    • Detailed analyses that pinpoint specific areas for improvement
    • Interactive dashboards to track and manage your progress over time

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