Do your customer satisfaction surveys engage your customers? Are you collecting customer feedback that is both accurate and actionable?

3 Great Customer Survey Options: 

  • Mini-Projects: With mini-projects, we optimize your survey questions, your analytics, or other aspects of your customer satisfaction survey. If you’re committed to doing a DIY survey, or you’re using a survey platform like Medallia, our mini projects enable you to get more value from what you have in place!

  • Survey Projects: Our end-to-end customer feedback projects are usually set up as tracking studies that monitor your progress quarter over quarter or year over year.

  • Daily Feedback Programs: With daily customer feedback programs, you’ll have reports and dashboards to track your success with customer service, tech support, and other key areas of your company. 

9 Outstanding Benefits:

  • Objectivity 
    We set up your entire customer feedback strategy to collect accurate, unbiased information. By the way, if you are already using a customer satisfaction survey, we start by evaluating it for biases such as internal language, double-barreled questions, and sampling errors. Then we roll up our sleeves and eliminate the flaws.  

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

“We continue to be impressed by the quality and clarity of Interaction Metrics’ Findings Reports and surveys.”

Dennis Fitzgerald, Vice President Customer Satisfaction, Yaskawa America 


Dennis Fitzgerald, Vice President Customer Satisfaction, Yaskawa America 

  • Customization
    Whether you need customer feedback about tech support, customer service, repairs or returns, we customize your satisfaction survey. Too many vendors use a cut and paste approach to survey design which is tedious for your customers and leads to generic, non-actionable findings for you.

  • Insight
    We build operations data (incident numbers, products purchased, etc.) into your satisfaction surveys to keep them focused on each customer. Combining operations data with net promoter and satisfaction scores boosts insight.

  • Superior Response Rates
    When everyone is sending surveys, response (and completion) rates are always a consideration. To solve for this, we use multiple strategies that include direct email feedback, expert survey invite techniques, and building gift card codes right into your surveys. Especially for longer surveys, incorporating small tokens of appreciation is a great way to demonstrate goodwill and separate your survey from the clutter.  

  • Nuanced Findings
    Our customer feedback surveys use dynamic logic and other customization strategies to delve into the details of how your customers feel about your people, processes, price points, and other aspects of customer satisfaction.

  • Verbatim Analysis
    Whether you’re using a follow-up question to the Net Promoter question or asking about anything else that involves text, Verbatim Analysis is crucial to understanding the root causes driving your outcome scores. That’s why we use social science-based coding techniques to make sense of – and quantify – your customers’ verbatims. If you have AI-driven text analytics in place, that’s perfect! Our approach to verbatims boosts its value.   

  • Hybrid Methods
    Combining Customer Interviews and Customer Service Evaluations with Customer Satisfaction Surveys are just two of the ways we deepen insights from your feedback program.

  • Findings Reports
    You’ll have reports that track actions and scores.

  • Dashboards
    You’ll be able to interact with your data in a visual way and see how different variables affect your scores. Filtering by product, associate, time period, etc. enable you to make powerful real-time decisions. Check out a few of our dashboards here.

To learn about our approach to customer feedback or our newest ways of conducting customer satisfaction surveys, say hello!

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