Our customer interviews pick up where customer satisfaction surveys leave off. By talking one-on-one with your customers and asking them relevant, interesting questions, our interviews get to their heart of how customers think about you and your market. Plus, with our customer interviews, you’ll hear from customers who normally don’t take surveys. This means you’ll get balanced, fresh insights.

Our clients have used interviews to gain competitive edge, build an accurate map of the customer journey, and find out what is building and undermining customer loyalty.

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While we have a formal process for conducting customer interviews, you’ll find that our interviewers use an open, conversational style. With our interviews, you’ll have:

  • A way to hear your customers: We record each interview, so you can hear exactly how your customers talk about their experiences.
  • An end-to-end process: We cover all the details, from interview invites through scheduling and post-interview thank you emails.
  • Open-ended adaptable questions: By asking great customer interview questions, we’re able to unpack how customers truly think and feel about your company.
  • Unexpected insight: We allow our customer interviews to unfold naturally rather than limit the possible answers. That means we’re able to explore things you didn’t even know to ask about.
  • Actionable next steps: We quantify and prioritize emergent themes, by using a scientific coding technique, verbatim analysis.

What we call customer interviews, you might call: phone surveys, telephone surveys, phone questionnaires, or telephone questionnaires.


Our uniquely conversational approach encourages customers to share their stories. This enables us to uncover the specifics of how you can improve.

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