Customer Interviews are your research superpower!

With Customer Interviews, there’s the flexibility to explore what your customers consider most important and how they think you can improve. You’ll hear in their own words what they have to say about your marketplace and you.



Test Panel

5-10 interviews shows the value interviews add to survey data.

Custom Pricing

Solutions are customized to your needs.

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Thematic Findings

20-50 interviews gives you robust qualitative data.

Custom Pricing

Solutions are customized to your needs.

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Quantitative Results

200 interviews (depending on the size of your database) delivers statistically-valid facts.

Custom Pricing

Solutions are customized to your needs.

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Customer Interview fees are varied based on the number of interviews AND the complexity of the questions we ask. Sometimes interviews average 5 minutes in length, other times, the average is 50 minutes. It’s all client and client objectives dependent. For this reason, we always discuss your goals, before giving a quote.

Audio You Get with our Customer Interviews

  • Themed Highlight Reels We code and analyze each interview so that we can curate the audio into a few files that highlight the emergent themes.
  • Each Interview You’ll have an MP3 of each recorded interview.


Process  | You’ll Have

  • A Complete End-to-End Process We handle all the details from customer invites and scheduling to post-interview thank you emails.
  • Adaptable Questions Hear how your customers really feel and think  with our customized question strategy. Typically, we have a long and short interview format, and the time constraints of each customer determine which format we use.
  • Disarming, Conversational Approach Similar to focus groups, we use open-ended questions that encourage subjects to share.
  • A way to Uncover Hidden Expectations To reveal hidden expectations, we often we ask customers to describe not only their interactions with you but also with the marketplace at large.

Interviews are outstanding on their own, or layered on top of surveys and other customer feedback methods. Bottom Line: if you’re thinking about doing a focus group, you owe it to yourself to find out what Customer Interviews can do for you. 

Customer Interview Benefits

  • New Insights Learn about things you didn’t know to ask about! Rather than limiting answers the way all surveys so, we allow interviews to unfold naturally and follow paths that surveys don’t take.
  • Representative Data Interviews enable us to get feedback from customers who don’t normally take customer surveys, this boosts insights by rounding out your data.
  • Pick Up Where Surveys Leave Off Interviews can probe particular survey answers so that you can understand your customers’ ratings and open-ends in detail .

Read more about the benefits of Customer Interviews here!

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