Focus Groups are good for select types of market research inquiries. However, they are expensive and you won’t hear from all participants equally. Recorded, phone-based customer interviews to the rescue! 

With Interviews, each respondent has the chance to contribute their experiences and answer questions when it is convenient for them. Plus, per respondent interviews are less expensive and you’ll hear from more customers. So, if you are thinking about doing a focus group, you owe it to yourself to at least find out what interviews can do for you. 

Interview Options:

  • Small Panel
    5-10 interviews shows you how interviews add value to your surveys and your customer feedback program. 

  • Qualitative Findings
    20-50 interviews gives you rich qualitative customer feedback and provides enough data for themes to emerge.

  • Quantitative Facts
    How many interviews we do depends on the size of your customer database but generally, when we do at least 200 interviews, we have statistically-valid facts.

Customer Interview Benefits:

  • Hear Your Customers
     You’ll have an MP3 of each recorded interview, so you’ll hear in your customers’ own words what they have to say about you and your marketplace.

  • End-to-End Process
    We handle all the details from interview invites and scheduling to post-interview thank you emails.

  • Adaptable Questions
    Find out how your customers really think and feel with our customized, flexible approach. Similar to focus groups, we use disarming language and open-ended questions that encourage subjects to share.

  • Unexpected Insight
    Get nuanced information on things you didn’t know to ask about! Rather than limiting answers, we allow interviews to unfold naturally.

  • Themed Audio
    We code and analyze each interview. Then we curate the audio into a few files that highlight the emergent themes.

  • Representative Data
    Interviews enable us to get feedback from customers who don’t normally take customer surveys, this boosts insights by rounding out your data.

  • Conversational Approach
    Our unique approach encourages customers to share their stories helping us to uncover where and how you can improve.

  • Pick Up Where Surveys Leave Off
    Using relevant, open-ended questions put your customers at ease and pick up where surveys leave off.

Interviews are outstanding on their own or layered on top of your existing customer surveys, focus groups, or other customer feedback methods. Say hello and we’ll send you a list of some of our top customer interview questions.

Thinking about a focus group? Consider customer interviews instead!