Are you missing opportunities to impress your customers?

Whether your goals for customer service are about resolving issues quickly, proactively answering customers' questions, or something else, our Customer Service Evaluations have you covered. Our objective analysis shows you how your frontline associates can add more value while growing customer loyalty.




5-10 interactions are scored using industry criteria. This introduces you to the value of Customer Service Evaluations.


Solutions are customized to your needs.

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25-50 interactions are scored with custom criteria. You’ll have you a baseline score with specific recommendations.


Solutions are customized to your needs.

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300 or more interactions are scored giving you statistically-valid facts insights, and more.

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Solutions are customized to your needs.

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  • Business Score
    Know how well your customer service meets your business objectives for answering questions, referencing your FAQs, managing call escalation, and more.
  • Brand Compliance Score
    See how well your service measures against your own brand promise.
  • Actionable Examples
    Find out where you need to improve and get examples to share with your team. If needed, we offer Customer Service Training with model answers to expedite your customer service optimization.
  • Scoring Rules
    We customize scoring systems to capture the nuances of your different types of interactions. We develop as many scoring rules as needed to ensure accuracy while keeping simplicity in mind.
  • Certified, Proven Quality
    We use a statistically valid sample of your calls, emails, or chats. When your interactions score 85 or higher, we award you an independent certification stating that you offer superior customer service.


Wondering if Your Customer Service is Good Enough?

Forrester surveyed 5,000 consumers about customer service and found there is a lot of underwhelming customer service:

Your team might be better than the average, but you won’t know unless you have an objective third-party evaluate your calls, emails, and chats. It’s vital to getting the most value from your frontline team.

Here’s why: Your tech support, order support, and other customer interfacing teams are key. They shape how your brand is perceived. But due to  a host of cognitive biases, it’s nearly impossible for you to know how your team is doing in a detailed way. That’s where our impartial evaluations come in.

Customer Service Evaluations examine aspects of communication that customers are unlikely to comment on but that impact their  views of your company.

For example, perhaps you have a self-service solution center and one of your objectives is for customers to try it next time they have an issue. But customers don’t care about your objectives, and they might not even know your solution center exists. We can measure how persuasively your associates describe your solution center.

Option: Add Mystery Shopping

Sometimes, we recommend augmenting a Customer Service Evaluation with Mystery Shopping. While it’s often thought of as a method used by consumer companies, we use it for B2B companies too. It’s a qualitative technique that helps us test and compare how you and your competitors handle specific situations. Our mystery shopping approach is particularly useful because we use criteria to score performance. So instead of narrative summaries, you’ll have actionable scores to track progress over time with the details you need to improve.

Option: Consider Customer Service Surveys

For the most complete view of your interactions, consider adding a Customer Service Survey to your Customer Service Evaluations. Surveys are a relatively inexpensive way to find out how customers perceive you and they can include valuable information like ticket numbers, products purchased, and associate names.

Want to see a Sample Report from our Customer Service Evaluation analysis? Fill out the contact form and we’ll be in touch! Read more about why Customer Service Evaluations matter here.