Want to know how to fix common survey errors? Read on to find out more.

Ask yourself if your customer satisfaction survey is good? Really good? Customer satisfaction surveys are a multi-billion dollar industry. Unfortunately, most customer feedback is riddled with errors.

From sampling issues to poorly worded questions, the state of customer feedback is weak. It’s especially unfortunate because, with a clear process in place, survey errors are entirely preventable.

A Few Tips to Ensure a Smart Customer Feedback Process:

  • Allocate enough time to evaluate your satisfaction survey for flaws such as using double-barreled questions and insider-language. These kinds of questions don’t make sense and result in inaccurate data.


  •  Get creative with questions and customize your survey to your industry and company. That way your survey won’t sound like every other survey, and the questions will be relevant to your customer base. Make sure you are asking enough questions to capture insights but not so many that you turn customers off.


  • Present the findings in ways that are unambiguous and motivate teams to take action. In most cases, the findings should be highlighted with excerpts from customers’ comments that you analyze. This deepens your customer feedback findings and enables your team to walk in your customers’ shoes!
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