NEWS: Jason Bader interviews Martha Brooke about Surveys in Pandemic Times

Nov 11, 2020: Jason Bader, Supply Chain & Distribution Thought Leader interviewed Martha Brooke about customer surveys and how to get an objective read on your company’s performance, especially considering COVID times. Take a Listen!

They agreed that when the world is in flux, it’s more important than ever to understand what’s going on with partners, customers, and employees. And they advocated for third-party surveys and interviews as a way to monitor performance and extract strategic insights.

Points Martha and Jason Cover Include:

  • When to engage a professional survey and when a DIY survey will suffice.
  • The difference between anecdotal data gathering and evidence-based insights.
  • The rising expectations customers have for the companies they do business with.
  • While customer insights inform strategic planning, they also add to a company’s website and marketing collateral.
  • Reasons distribution companies might shy away from doing customer surveys—or any kind of research.
  • Costs of running surveys and why they don’t break the bank!
  • Costs of interviews, and why hearing from your customers in their own words is invaluable.
  • COVID surveys: examples of the kinds of questions companies are asking and getting actionable insights from.

Listen here!

Categories: Customer Satisfaction Surveys
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