No more useless data! Biased questions are out. Representative samples are in. Objectivity is the standard. Nuanced analysis wins.

Fed up with disappointing customer service and inane customer feedback surveys, Martha Brooke founded Interaction Metrics in 2004. The goal continues to be to help clients understand the customer experience deeply so they can grow customer loyalty.

Methods include customer feedback surveys, service evaluations, and more.

Now, to take Interaction Metrics to the next level and reach a wider audience, Interaction Metrics has finished its brand overhaul that included a new website, videos, educational materials, and a newsletter focused on science tips to improve customer surveys.

Interaction Metrics research methods and workshops are the most scientific, yet cost-effective in the Customer Experience industry. Fees are typically half those of the of the big box brands, making expert solutions available to all organizations seeking to improve the customer experience.

Cementing its difference from other Customer Experience agencies, Interaction Metrics:

  • Combines Analysts with the best software to customize surveys and drive fresh insights.
  • Offers clients a range of methods ensuring the best fit between their objectives and the approach used.
  • Issues awards for companies that achieve a proven level of superior customer experience performance.


Interaction Metrics is based in Portland, Oregon and works with companies across the United States.


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